Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Amin's first masterpiece

My eldest son is not the type who enjoys writing, drawing, colouring or whatever related to holding a pencil.
He's more into holding the stylus of NintendoDS, the nunchuck of NintendoWii, the controller of PS3, tapping the iPad and playing with LEGOs.
So when he suddenly sat quietly, picked the pencil, drew a picture and coloured it, this is a must for me to blog about!
Presenting, my new wallpaper.


Nurman said...

Gambar fish ke tu how old is he?

jelita78 said...

It's a fish in the sea on a sunny day!
He's 7 yrs old this year.
Kinda lazy in drawing but this is an improvement indeed!

nqr said...


jelita78 said...

thanks nqr..
a few days ago dia buat lagi the same one.
i think it's an obvious sign that we must take him to the beach this school break.


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