Monday, March 07, 2011

Beware ! Bag snatchers on the road !

This post is dedicated to my dear friend G-ya, who were robbed while driving.
She was at the traffic light stop, at the intersection near Eastin Hotel junction, Sunday 6th March 2011, time 1300 hours.
As she was waiting for red traffic light to turn green, a motorcyclist came to her passenger side, smashed the side window and grabbed her handbag, which was initially placed on the passenger seat.
According to G-ya, she noticed this motorcycle from about a kilometre away and they honked while briefly overtaking.
But they slowed down and G-ya overtook them as they reached the traffic light.
It happened so quickly as the motorcycle appeared beside her car and his passenger was the one smashing the window with a rock and snatched the purse.
Even the car beside hers failed to notice the thieves.

Poor G-ya.
There's nothing that she can do at that time, because in reflex, she (and I believe anybody would too) turned her face away from the smashing glasses, making it impossible for her to get a good look on the thieves and the motorcycle plate.

I know that we've heard this incident several times before, but the truth is, only when it actually happened to ourselves/ loved ones, then we will start to be cautious and alert.

Therefore, before it's too late, reminder to all of us drivers, to place our handbags on the foot area instead of on the seat.
At least it will make it harder for the thieves to see and reached for it.
Due to my obsession with handbags, since the foot area is generally dirty due to it being our footwear placement, it is advisable to at least layered it up with a plastic bag.
Plastic bag is better than newspaper because newspaper prone to smudge your purse with the black printed ink.
This way we can protect our belongings, at the same time making sure it is clean too.

Hmm.. is it logic to keep a knife in the car, in case this incident happened, we could slash the thief's hand?
Or is that too cruel? huh!

(pics googled from the net)


  1. eh, jgn simpan any kind of weapon or something similar. sbb klau jd kes polis, they can dakwa u tau sbb simpan senjata. scaryyy

  2. Ishhhh... Weapon mana bley..
    Kita malaysia takde rules like the united states allowing citizen to buy weapon for self protection.
    But i believe we do not have any rules for us to not carry knife for self defense either
    Cuma for us, maybe considering danger to our own kids laa kot..
    I remember arwah atuk i simpan parang bawah seat keta lagi..
    Guna utk tebas buluh and daun mengkuang.. Hehe

  3. Pengajaran dia kan, tukar window kereta to Plexi glass or bulletproof glass. Bila org tu nak try nak pecahkan tapi tak dapat, u boleh jelir kat dia or ckp, ha try laaaa, try...or sempat snap ambil gambar dia dulu....muahahaha

  4. oooo.. plexi ekk..
    gempak tu bunyi bulletproof glass ni..
    siap bley jelir balik tu yg best tu.. bwahahahha

  5. Even kalau ada very quality tinted window pun boleh tahan hentakkan. Apa kata Jelita bawak satu lesung batu, kalau dia lempar dengan batu lempar balik dengan lesung. Dah jadi acara baling membaling plak kan?? haha. Sian kat kawan you..cantik bag Marc Jacob tu

  6. Ngeri kan...skang sejak dengar citer-citer camni...i letak handbag kat bawah.Kesian plak,nengokkan...handbag maha-mahal, kat bawah letaknya....

  7. psst....gya datang ni...accuracy citer tu.. bleh la...90% correct ;p
    terharu dgn dedication ini

  8. bwahahhaa.. ampun for the 10% slack!
    korang, pi visit blog gya for her own post..

    tak lama lagi dia akan letak process flow and guidelines on "what-to-do-after-this-if-it-unfortunately-happened-to-u"

  9. waahhh nurman..
    mentang mentang laa masa skolah main shot put masa hari sukan, skrang guna lesung batu lak.. wahahha.. menarik sungguh!

  10. fiezachommel > tu laa.. nak buat camner.. lebih baik kesian beg tu kat lantai, daripada kesian beg tu kat tangan orang lain!!

  11. oh yer nurman, itu marc jacobs bag tatau saper punya.. pics googled from the net lah! hehehe

  12. laaaa cian nyer gya... klu x baca blog u nih, aku pon tak tau citer...

    sbnr nyer i was wondering sejak bile gya bawak kete left hand drive only to find out that the pix from google. hihi

    yes, handbag should be placed at the floor. klu ikut RM, die letak kat dlm boot. just take out the wallet & phone.

  13. ha-ah nini..
    gya laa orangnya..
    dia memang pemalu nak bagitau orang.. tu yg aku buat spesel blog post dedication untuk dia.. free je.. kesian punya pasal.. kalau tak aku charge ni ikut jam, mcm redmummy.. hehehe

  14. how come aku yg selalu cover berita2 sensasi ni pon boleh miss cite Gya :P

  15. sorry roger..
    obviously, ko idak laa sensasi mana pon..


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