Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll start diet after this cupcakes, err.. pies, burgers.. ?

So, this was the thing that came in the box earlier.
KS called it whoopie pies..
Honestly, I refuse to call it that because I'm having images of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act, dancing in my head!
And I can't call it a pie either because, well, pies look differently, of course..
Hmm.. But it does look like mini burgers to me.
The top and bottom parts are actually layer of cake, chocolate flavoured cake to be exact, and splattered with melted chocolate on top.
And with cream cheese filling, in the middle.
So, yeah, I'm definitely calling it mini-cream-cheese-choc-cake-burger !


  1. Hehehe..takpe u dah kurus...Sure rasa macam heaven kan?

  2. yummy! YUMMY! How to order dear?? share sket...nnti boleh hantar ke ppum plak..

  3. aper?
    i kurus?
    naik beb..
    me naik 7 kg tau dari before..
    dah nampak buruk pakai kebaya ni.. mmg kena diet untuk muat baju raya!

  4. jEM, ada i letak link tu..
    click at the word KS

  5. Jelita,

    I did not invent the namelah. Hehe.. Whoopie pies tu mmg namanya. Mmg dah wujud lama dah. U can google kalau nak tahu the history of it ;)

  6. that looks soooo goooooood
    why don't we have anything like that here in Toronto! They look so good, esp because i love the combination of chocolate and cream cheese... YUM

  7. KS > yeah, i know! ehehhee.. saje je..

  8. Hi Ms. Champagne!!
    glad u're back! i miss u! hehe..
    let me know when u might be vacationing over here, then i will order up this whole box of whoopie pies just for you!!

  9. Wow, close to home. I never saw whoopie pies growing up in Ohio, but I saw them all over Pennsylvania. I think they originated from the Pennsylvania Dutch. Yours look better, though. Ours don't have the extra chocolate frosting - just the two cookie-shaped cakes on the outside and white frosting inside.

  10. woopies pies ni mmg sedap.. mmg x rugi bli ngan ks... :)

  11. haha..
    thanks anon for dropping by my blog!
    do come again sometimes!

  12. hi...just stopping by:))

  13. thanks lady D for reading my blog!
    do come again!!


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