Thursday, March 03, 2011

Comparing woman and tea bag ?

I was reading a magazine a few hours ago and this quote really caught my attention.
A woman is like a tea bag. 
You never know how strong she is, until she gets into hot water.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

I couldn't agree more.

But in my case, after a year of handling problematic system processing, I believe I'm already very immune to the hot water.
More likely to go bonkers and start talking to the tea bags! LOL

(pic googled from the net)


FAM said...

tak pernah pulak terfikir mcm tu. another meaning, bitter la sbb teh pekat is kelat. ;p

jelita78 said...

bitter terus..

farha said...

nice analogy! i slalu guen tea bag for my eye bag! hhahahahha


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