Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dressing up the iPhone4

As usual..
I tend to get carried away.. easily..
Bwahahhaa !
Can't help it.
They're soooooo cute !
Especially the bright red ones.
It coincidentally matches my new Clarks shoes.
Yeayyyyyyy !!

I bought this Clarks much later and only realised the matching tone as I was snapping pics of the shoes using my iPhone.
Now, all I need is a red-melon shade bag to match them all.
Wonder what bag will be perfect ?
Would this be it?  Hmm... *drool*
Blaming Irene for flaunting her Alexa Oak and telling me that it comes in watermelon shade !!


Akak Ratu said...

wahhhh that alexa sooooo gojes... the color so nice... u shld grab it ;-)

jelita78 said...

i knowwwwww!!!!
tapi hubby buat donnoooo!!


Nurman said...

hehe canteek tuuu

jelita78 said...

cun kan..

flowerella said...

the mulberry alexa is TDF. I want one myself..


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