Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The dream life of a 3 year old.

  • Be at the comfort of own home, no need to go to nursery.
  • Get to play with all his toys, and big brother's toys too.
  • Watch cartoon network and playhouse disney channel the whole day. 
  • Unlimited access to ice creams and iced-water!
My almost 3 year old Arif is hit with HFMD this week.
And hence we're in quarantine.
Sent his big brother to hometown with my parents.
So, it's just me and him at home now.
That's why he gets to play freely with all of Amin's toys, coz Amin is not here.
And according to doctor, ice cream and cold drinks help sooth the pain inside the mouth.. so, let him indulged in it.
Sounds like a dream, huh?


  1. heaven nya dapat makan ice cream bebanyak!

  2. kesiannya. mesti gatal2 kan. tp dia sure sukala..dpt ice cream & toys all to himself ye. gws dear boy

  3. Get well soon!
    Best nyer dapat makan banyak ice cream.


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