Monday, March 14, 2011

Little sister, not little anymore

So, yeah, another backdated entry.
Oh thank god my family not reading my blog.
Or else, they'll sure to rub the word procrastinate onto my face, period !
So, it's just me and my quest to keep track of the events in my life, and to do justice to these pictures that I took! LOL

The Date : 10th January 2011

The Event : Ijah's Birthday Celebration
The Venue : Kiku Zakura, Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya
This Japanese restaurant located inside the new Tropicana City Mall, PJ, seemed to be quiet and not a well known spot at all.
I'm concluding that based on the number of people there, which my 2year old Arif can easily count.
The ambience however was very calming.
With shiny wooden floors.
And the water wall at the entrance.

However, I would never come here again.
And would never recommend this place to anybody either.
The selection were limited, and the sushi were made in such small sizes.
And the thing that ticked us the most is that the price is ridiculously high!
With the same amount of food, the price almost tripled to the ones at Sushi King or Sakae Sushi.
Oh, by the way, the waitress wearing kimono, were all Indonesian and can't speak English.
You either just speak in bahasa to them, or point to the menu.

Anyway, thank god we have the lovely and delicious strawberry jelly coated cake, bought by yours truly, moi, ehemm..
Ok, so, I lied a little.
There was actually something good about this place.
Since there weren't many people in it, we the kids can simply sing out loud to their hearts content, after happily made noise and played with trucks, and jumped onto each other, without us adults feeling embarrassed !
Despite the food, and the place, it was a fun family celebration indeed.
Happy 26th Birthday Chujah!!

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