Monday, April 18, 2011

Hurry ! Bank Rakyat's shares are still available !

I was kicking myself last night for missing out on this Bank Rakyat's shares for sale since 12th April.
I was very tied up last week and didn't manage to blog-hop as normal.
So u can imagine the panic attack as I read sooo many blogpost last night, regarding this Bank Rakyat shares!

We saw tons of people lining up this morning at Bank Rakyat Kelana Jaya, but I insisted that we should try it.
Yesss!! The shares are still available!!
So hurry everybody!
There's still time!

All you need to do is:
1. Bring a photocopy your IC

2. Bring RM 500 cash + RM 5 for processing fees.

3. Bring your Bank Rakyat book account. If you don't have, no worries, you can open an account on the spot.

4. Take the form and the queue number at the receptionist counter.

5. Fill in the form and wait until it is your turn.

6. Done!
You can only buy RM500 of shares value now for a start. If you want to buy more, easy, just fill in the form and sent it in, no money needed yet because your application will be reviewed and you have to wait for the offer letter within a month.

So, what are you waiting for?


  1. ooo..patut la kat group bbm tadi my fren ada cakap pasal ni.... :) berminat tp jauh sgt la.. :(

  2. beb, boley je!
    if and only if u dah ada akaun with bank rakyat.
    ada satu org ni, dia bawak bertimbun borang, accompanied by buku akaun bank rakyat respectively.. i bet he was doing it for the whole family clan.
    macam i tadi pon,i tunjuk buku bank, pegawai bank terus keyed in the system untuk pembelian.
    tak tgk my IC or letak cap jari to scan, or even check my signature pon.. after 2 minutes, i dah dapat the transcript pembelian - DONE.. sooo easy..
    sempat lagi kot dear.. cuba je laa.. pos-laju buku bank tu ke sini and photostat copy IC sekeping.. no harm trying..

  3. i pon perasan ada few frens duk ckp pasal bank rakyat ni.sedihnyaaa.nak takde buku bank,mesti takleh nak suruh org buatkan?s


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