Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Attempting the Colour Block

My officemate, Skin is famous for colour blocking.
I envy her bravery to experiment with colours and daringly wear it to work.
Inspired by her, today I decided to wear yellow with green.

Ok, so I'm cheating a bit by using my handbag as a colour block item.
But at least I tried to colour block, right?


qellissa said...

u look like penyokong kedah..green and yellow..muehehehe..by the way, cun lah ur large sabrina..i loike!

daia said...

Not really block to me, unless u wear ur red C together with green scaf n yellow blouse.... Yeehaaaa, ada bran???? Hahahahaha

jelita78 said...

Daia > errkk.. Baru ku tahu, diriku sangat lah tidak brannnn !!!
Huwaaaa!!! Takutttssss kotor itu red C !!!

jelita78 said...

Qellissa >> ohhh i lupa bendera kedah !
Bwahahah.. Baru perasan!
U are sooo correct!
Aww, thanks for the sabrina compliment..

Peewee said...

love the color! perfect for spring! =)

Anonymous said...

i love the bag! *swoon*

jelita78 said...

thanks Peewee!! :)

jelita78 said...

leoness > it's COACH sabrina patent leather green, style # 12948.. incase u're wondering.. hehe

Anonymous said...

hahaha i shall hunt for one when i'm there

jelita78 said...

ohhhh u are going there soon!! yeay!! but i bet other brands will tempt u more!!


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