Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Say Hello to Fatini !!

Congratulations to Dek Fizah!!
My sister in law has safely delivered her second baby this afternoon, with the same kawaii-look.

We're sooo excited for her!
And rushed Amin to complete his homework by 8pm, so we can go and visit her at the hospital that very night.
As we arrived, expected, Arif got quiet and was sceptical to look at the baby.
Can you spot him hiding behind the curtain?
Look for the red crocs sandal.. ta-daaa!

Took him almost an hour later to willingly snap pics with the new-chic-in-the-clan.

No other activities here except for watching the baby sleep.

And sleep some more..

Yup.. That's what newborns do most of the time.
But as we're about to leave, we were fortunate enough that she pooped and woke up screaming for nappy change!
Now we get to see some action.

Hoorrraaayyyy for the poopy !
Bwahahaha !


  1. Sooooo cute!
    Oh my, that full head of hair! (I was born bald and had thin hair for a while...) Lucky girl!

  2. heyy!! feezah & rudy are my Uni mates. and now tehah and my daughter are in the same school. what a small world eh. hehe

  3. hahaha..
    yes cynthia, thats a lot of hair on her..
    really, u came out thin?
    well, not to worry now with that lovely locks, aye?

  4. FAM !!
    what a small world it is!!


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