Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I hate headache !!

I was having a major headache yesterday.
And it lasted for almost the whole day!
I woke up in the morning feeling like there's a drum planted in my brains.
Every step that I took, followed by a thud inside the head.
It's like I can't move because the movement creates internal vibe that rocked the head.
I took 2 pills of panadol at around 9am, but had to endure the headache until 4pm !
What took it so long to work??

If you have any tips for fast headache relief, please share it with me.
I desperately need to know.

And just a note, sorry to all my colleagues/ friends for my lack of focus yesterday. 
I can't thank you enough for your understanding and support..
You people are the best! Muahhsss!! 

(pics googled from the net)


  1. for me, i kena lie down and take a deeeppp breath.

  2. It doesn't work like that!
    I tried it whilst in the surau.
    I drank loads of water.
    Did some massage on the neck and forehead.
    Lie down for a nap, but couldn't sleep because felt like vertigo when i shut my eyes..
    Huwaaaaa.. I hate gettig headaches!!!

  3. I pun diserang headache and sore throat pagi ni..took 1 panadol wallaa ok dah. Get well soon

  4. Salam ....

    I'm ur silent reader.
    You should try acupuncture.
    The best way to cure headache without any drugs, Insyaallah.
    I memang selalu gi acupuncture if I have headache / neck & shoulder muscle stress. It really help.

  5. Maybe it's migraine?
    Take Synflex (upon prescription) and it'll work wonders.

  6. thanks SM@A for the suggestion!
    thats a brilliant one.
    i'll scout around for the most suitable place and see if i can set an appointment for myself.

  7. entahlaa Nurman, i pon tatau pesal it took me sooo long to cure the headache..
    panadol ni mcm tak berkesan je..

  8. lil_sharky, sebenarnya, i takde migraine pon sebelum ni, i mean, never been diagnosed for it before.. so i tak tau laa exactly how does it really feel..
    u know any symptom to migraine?


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