Monday, May 09, 2011

Hats Gallore !

Sorry peeps.
I'm still in the British Royal Wedding mood.
Was glued to the tv watching the reruns with my aunt last night.
Ohhhhh, such a lovely wedding! Awwww..

Ok, enough said, I just wanted to post pics of the hats worn by some of the lady-guests, as captured by the paparazzi and posted online.

Of course, we cannot understand whats the fuss is all about.

Until we embraced the British culture.

It is impolite for British men to wear hats indoors, especially in churches, but when it comes to women, the tradition dates back to the time when the Anglican Church required ladies to keep their heads covered in Church, much like other religions still do to today.

But now, the hats are called facinators.

So, you get the point of why it is to be facinated for.

Only a British-born-fashionistas will be able to appreciate all these.

Because the facinators used are not just for fun.

It actually matches the whole outfit and brings it to life.

Mad Hatter must be sooo proud!

(pics googled from the net, but mostly obtained from


  1. culture mat salleh camtu..
    kalu kita, pakai tudung pin bunga bunga gak sekarang ni.. hehe..

  2. tapi i suka topi2 dia sbb i pgemar topi hahahaha

  3. sisdee > tak kisah nya..
    it is an art and fun to see once in a while.

    live it up, dear!


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