Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm kinda lost, at the moment

Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel lost?
Like, is this it?
Am I going to do this forever?
It's not actually 'bored' to be exact.
It's more like being lost.
Plain lost.

So, what actually did you do when you hit this moment of lost-ness?
Well, my first step in finding answers, was, basically using the nearest and closest thing to me - my iPhone4, and googled "Feel Lost".
Yeah, tell me how lame that was.
Hey, give me credit ok, for actually still able to think when hit by this lost mode.
Anywayyy, wow, being google, it came out with 202 million results.
Errkk.. this oughta kill my 'lost' time indeed!
So, since I was lost, I simply scroll down the list..
Found out that major links (those that appears on top of most commonly related to it), state that "feeling lost" is actually associated with depression.

Urrggghh.. ok.. now that sounds soooo serious and dangerous too.
Nope, I don't want to be in depression mode.
Coz, I am not really that depressed.
Ok.. continue scrolling google lists..
Flip a few pages, and walllllaaaahhh!!!
Found this!

Absolutely the thing that I was looking for.
I need a change..
What should I do next?

Get a new haircut?

Get a new hair colour?

How about a body tattoo?

Buang tebiat ke ko, Aida oiiii!!
Ok, I heard you, my dear friends.. this is not it.
I know.

Perhaps, change my tudung style?
From this;
 To this;

Change my daily workout routines?
From this;

To this;
Hey, commuting back and forth to work is a workout routine, ok!
I had to walk to/ from the station, up/ down the stairs and not to mention standing for the rest of 18 minutes per journey.
I sweat doing that, you know.
Although not drenched in sweat, but still, healthy routines, right?

So what's next?

Hmm.. maybe I need to revamp my handbags collection?
So, this is where it's heading, huh?

(pics googled from the net)

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