Monday, June 20, 2011

Two celebrations at one time

Last Saturday we attended the double celebrations hosted by my sister in law, for both her daughters.
First up was the akikah for her newborn baby Fatini.

With the decorative swing beautifully done in the centre of the living room.

Which then my kids ended up playing as soon as baby Fatini was out.
Phewwww.. thank god.

I can't imagine baby Fatini flying across the hall in this.
I think they're pretty amazed at the never-seen-before pink swing.

Next, followed by the big sista, Fatihah's 5th Birthday bash.

My boys excitedly waiting to blow them candles out.

Check out the beautiful princess cake decoration.
Can you guess the taste?

Definitely the most popular of the year, red velvet.
Yeah, only this much was left after a few seconds!

Happy Birthday Fatihah!
Maklong wish you all the health and joy in the world.

Welcome to the family, Fatini!
Maklong wish you happy botakkan rambut soon ;)

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