Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chatting sweetly..

... at Sweet Chat.
Date : 15th April 2011
Venue : Sweet Chat, Midvalley Megamall
Time : 1.00pm-ish

Such a cute name, aye?
Suits the place very much, with the pink-red-toned chequered tiles and table tops.

Apart from the lovely round delicious looking chicken mushroom pie, there's this large chicken turkey sliced sandwich, so huge that it must be the portion for 2 people!
No, QZ did not finish all of this by herself.. tapau it back to the office..

I don't know what to categorise this place as, because it serves both the western and local selections.
Fusion might best described it, then.
Gya opt for the classic lasagne.

While Nadz went traditionally with white rice and chicken curry.. ohh this curry was nice!!
And you'll be surprised to find there's actually sticky-rice durian served for dessert.

Note that we got FREE ice cream desserts for purchases more than RM40 !!
Woot Woot!!
Which we then chose the ice-cream-banana-wrap.

Conclusion, we're loving this place!


  1. Came across the place several times, tapi tak pernah tergerak nak makan di situ. But after seeing ur pics of nasi+kari ayam & ice cream banana wrap, I feel like having those! ;p

  2. harus try Ayu!
    we all pon gamble jer pi sini.. sebab dah habih round midvalley tak dapat decide nak makan kat mana! hahaha
    tapi lepas tgk dapat free dessert tu, mcm worth it laa plak untuk try.. especially bila set lunch pon well-priced..

  3. oh thanks aida... cun gilos shot aku

  4. no biggie qz..
    kalu ada skill photographer mcm aku ni, pakai iphone pon gambar jadik cantik gak.. huhu..


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