Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fish and Squid for breakfast ??

You heard that right.
It's deep fried fish and squid for breakfast, believe it !

Date : 15th April 2011
Venue : Raju's, Jalan Gasing
Time : 8.00am

My officemates and I would love to come here every morning, but only if we managed to get to the office before 8am, which in our case, very very rare.. hahaha

Best eat with roti canai on the banana leaves.
With teh tarik (milk tea), of course !

This must be one of the most unique things about Malaysia, our cuisines are just crazy.
Don't cha think so? 


DaZzlingLilLy said...

heaven sgt kalo tiap pagi boleh makan camni..

Nana said...

aloooo .. I am back in KL. Wanna jumpa?

jelita78 said...

Hi Dazzlinglily !!
ha-ah.. syiok wooo!!

jelita78 said...

u're back!!
for good kah?? or vaca sahaja?
harussss jumpaaa ok!!
bila? bila ni weiii?? let me know!!

Nana said...

ahhhh can you email me your number? nanti I sms you to set the date heheeh ;D


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