Monday, July 18, 2011

I don't get what the fuss is about..

Hello readers!
Once again, I'm on my quest to blog as much about lunch-outing as possible.
These food pictures are flooding my iphone and my officemates are wondering why do I always snap pics when we're out lunch, but fail to blog about it instantly.
Sorry mates.  I'm slacking.  I know!

So, what's makes a restaurant famous?
Is it the food?
Is it the drinks?
Is it the ambiance?
Or is it the location?

This time, I think it must be due to the location.

Located in Bangsar.
Located at the exact spot of the old Devi's Corner.
Located at a corner lot area, impossible not to pass by it, in this small crowded Bangsar area.
Chawan is the name.
And I just don't get what the fuss is about this place anyway.

Date : 21st March 2011
Venue : Chawan, Bangsar
Time : 12noon-ish

Asam laksa, which Nadz discovered that the junks were too much inside it.
Making it a hassle to eat.

Briyani rice with chicken, that Skin and Zie rated as so-so.

This one, at first I liked it, but after a few bites, it sort of felt too much on the coconut milk.

Maybe I can just give the credits to the drinks.
The ice blended coffee and the tripple layer frappé did impressed us.

Or maybe it's just the heat?
Being in Bangsar zone, I would say it's such a hefty price to pay for a typical kopitiam so-so standard.


  1. it is overpriced but i think people come here to moi did hehehe

  2. ohhhh
    so u're one of them doing the 'people-watching'! hahaha..
    tak koser i.

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