Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Tea with Teal


meenyusuf said... the colour!!!

Mrs E said...

Blue is such a stunner!

IreneYaya said...

Teal ke turquoise ni bebs? Macam more to turquoise.

jelita78 said...

hi meen..

jelita78 said...

thank you mrs E !
is it a stunner..
and the weight, will stunned u even more! hahaha

this is coach legacy francine, by the way..

jelita78 said...

hah, now that u mentioned it yaya, mcm turquoise laa plak kan..
but the price tag says it's teal..
maybe dah kusam kot.. lama dah ni..

Ayu said...

that scarf complements the bag very well. nice color! : )

jelita78 said...

thanks ayu!
a little bit of accessory makes the plain bag pops up nicely :)

Shaxmayra A Jalil said...

I love the color!!! Is it heavy dear?

jelita78 said...

agaklah heavy (dan besar) jugak sebenarnya!
sanggup tu bawak beg berat sebab chenta kepadanya..


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