Saturday, September 24, 2011

11weeks 1day

Hi all..
First and foremost, thanks to all the wonderful wishes.
Special thanks to those texting and emailing me.. sooo sweet of u!

And again, so sorry for the lack of updates.
I'm not in the pink of health lately,.
The backpain.
The legpain.
The nausea.
The ever so sensitive nose.
The ever so tasteless tastebuds.
The lack of appetite.
The inconsistent digestion.
And many many more things that I am experiencing right now.

Ohh.. this pregnancy has started to take it's toll on me.
Unlike some people, mine started much later in the first trimester.
Not sure until when this will last.
Hope it's not too long.
Coz I get exhausted too quickly now.
Haven't got to do anything much lately as I get sleepy by 9pm.

Enough about the ramblings.
Here's the baby pics snapped during our recent follow up with Prof Siti.
The + sign on the left is the butt, on the right is the head.
Can you see the arm above the head, there?
Baby waived and said "Hi" to all.

Have a great weekend, my friends!!


  1. ellllllloooo baby....aunty qist drop by to say hellow~~

  2. Tahniah kak, my wife dah 13 weeks, maybe same month due hehe

  3. awwww.. thanks Qist!!
    so sweet of u!

  4. ha-ah laa Nurman!
    nnt bley party sesama.. hehe..


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