Friday, September 30, 2011

In Case of Emergency: Bags that double as weapons

Ohhhh how I miss blogging about bags.
But so sorry coz I don't have anything personal to jot my thoughts down due to time constraint.
Been kinda busy this week.
However, that doesn't stop me from reading about them while commuting to/ fro work.
Love this article so much that I just have to share it here.
From THE PURSEBLOG by the gorgeous Amanda Mull.

What’s a girl to do, in the face of modern society ripping itself apart at the seams?
Arm herself, of course.
I’m not talking about getting a gun or a knife.
No, those are dangerous and it takes time to fish one out from the bottom of your bag.
I’m talking about getting a handbag that can also be used in self-defense maneuvers of all kinds, so that if the apocalypse should rain down while you’re at the movies, you’ll be prepared to survive in the dystopian hellscape that you encounter when you leave.
Or, you know, you can use most of these bags to whack a mugger in the head.
But doesn’t the former somehow seem more likely than the latter lately?
In all seriousness, though, be safe out there ladies.

Naturally, we couldn’t have this discussion at all without the Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Clutch.
This design is the original handbag-as-weapon, or perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a weapon-as-handbag. How you use this one should be obvious.

Those pointy bits on the front of the Botkier Flint Hobo are solid metal, and that means that in a pinch, you could cut one off, attach it to the end of a stick, and have yourself a handy shiv (or spear, if the stick is lengthy).

You may not be able to see it in this picture, but we’re all familiar with the big honkin’ chain that graces every Marc Jacobs Stam. I’ve got one myself, and every time I’ve flown with it, I’ve found myself a little nervous that airport security might wonder why I had such a long, heavy chain. You could stave off an attacker in any number of ways with this thing, including a swift blow to the noggin.

If there’s one thing that Alexander Wang’s bags are known for, it’s the sheet of solid, heavy studs that graces the bottoms of many of them. Of all the options in the line, the Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag is the best for self defense because of its long strap. Swing it around your head like Wonder Woman with her golden laso for maximum use of the bottom-mounted metal.

Because the studs on the Valentino Rockstud Satchel are of a different placement and lighter weight than the Wang bag, I’d suggest using this one with the short handles to give a harasser a quick smack directly to the face. And then run away.

Have a safe weekend ya ols!

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