Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I've got a BUN in the oven !

And I am not talking about this, or any kind of food either.
Hiyeee alls..
Hope you had a wonderful Eid and holidays with your loved ones.
Been meaning to update this before the Eid, but well, you know the drill..
So, here's the chronology event.

16th August 2011
Went to the panel clinic at work to check on myself because I was seriously late for my female-hormone 'cycle' which is big-a-deal to me considering that I am always on time, if you know what I mean.
And I've forgotten the last time I've had my period.
Was it June?
And Hunn said he never had an 'accident' before.
Dr.H ruled out that the urine pregnancy test result was negative.
And she said I could just be late in cycle because of the change in diet - since it was the middle of the fasting month by the way.

22nd August 2011
Went to the panel clinic at work, again, because another week has passed by and there's no sign of period or whatsoever, but coincidentally later the evening I did had a one-drop of blood on my panty liner.
Again, Dr.H ruled out that the urine test result as negative.
And sent me home with a urinal medication, in case if I might be having some infection in my urine as there was traces of blood.

24th August 2011 - 9am
That's it!
I'm going to another panel clinic, this time near our housing area.
Because there's still not a single blood apart from that one and only tiny drop, two days ago.
I pee for the urine test. 
Dr.N examined it using the same test strip as Dr.H at the office panel clinic.
But happily announcing it as positive!
It is the same exact test strip used before, ok!
I knew it, there's something wrong with Dr.H and the way she's analysing the test strip.
Because I did see the 2 lines myself, by she kept telling me that it was negative because the second line was not that dark..?? Duhhh?? Seriously, she needs to have her eyes checked!
Anyway, since Dr.N has an ultrasound machine in the clinic, she straight away told me to lie down and to proceed with scan to be sure.
Indeed, she saw the sac, shaped like a half filled balloon, but after a few minutes of pressing and rolling the probe onto my lower belly part she apologizes to the fact that she couldn't find any heartbeat, at all.
Dr. N said that it could have been a missed abortion.
Meaning that when the embryo or fetus has died, but a miscarriage has not yet occurred.
It is also referred to as delayed or missed miscarriage.
She said my body might be late in 'discharging' it and immediately issued me a referral letter for me to go to a hospital gynae to get it 'flushed' out accordingly.
There was absolutely nothing that I can say, or possibly described how I felt at that time.

Hubby having kept my gynae mobile number, Prof Siti, immediately gave her a call to set for an urgent appointment at 2pm.
We're not gonna delay this any longer.
After all, Eid was just around the corner.
Ohh.. bare in mind that both my parents were performing umrah at mecca and it's just me, hubby and friends at work worried sick after seeing me getting my medical GL- guarantee letter for the missed abortion gynae appointment.

24th August 2011 - 2pm
Met Prof Siti at UMSC.
She read the referral letter and said, "Hmm.. wait.. let ME do the scan"
Using the UMSC larger looking ultrasound machine and probe and screen.
And wallaaa!
There's the heartbeat.
Beating strong and fast.
And Prof Siti continued to blab about how precious life is and how hard people to get pregnant, and yet there's still many clinic doctors easily summarises for missed abortion.

So, ta-daaaa!
Here's the video of the bun cooking inside my oven, at the moment.
See the heartbeat??
It's like flickering very fast at the bottom of the sac.

Did you know that at 8 weeks old, the sac is actually the size of a tennis ball?
No wonder I feel fat throughout this fasting month.. huh!
And so much for hubby claiming never been in an 'accident'.. pffttt !
A good one, that is!

(pics googled from the net, and the video is my very first video ever uploaded on youtube just for you!!)


  1. Luckily your UMSC gynae did a thorough check and get to find a heartbeat!

    Congrats and take care of your precious lil one 

  2. Wee, excitednyaa!! Congratss!! :D I had a bad experience with doctors regarding pregnancy matters too, mmg kena seek 2nd, 3rd, even 4th opinion to be safe. Take care kak. : )

  3. Congrats! That's terrific!

  4. Xcited aku baca, x sabar2 nak tau ending nya... Nasib baik happy ending. Btw, congratulation babe.....

  5. Oh that was me :D


  6. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!


    But ohmy if hubs ever pull I never had an accident stunt on me, the baby will probably never see daddy alive. Miahahahah

  7. thanks soooo much lil sharky!
    i am indeed very lucky to have prof siti willing to meet me immediately that day.

  8. AYU !!!
    u are soooo right!
    if i had known earlier, i would have gone to a different doctor much sooner, instead of waiting until having bleeding and spotting!
    sometimes our motherly instinct are just way stronger!

  9. Thanks Mrs. E for sharing my happy news!!

  10. Thank you Daia!!!
    Tuhan je yg tahu betapa jiwa kacau i on that day.
    It was indeed my Ramadhan blessing.. syukur alhamdulillah..

  11. Whoahhh.. CONGRATS babe!!!!!

  12. nadiahkhair!!
    thanks dear!
    hahaha, men and their stunt, konon! huh! bwahahhaa

  13. bettyboop!!
    thanks beb!
    hope i'll have smooth pregnancy, safe delivery, and healthy baby and mommy.. hehe..

  14. congrats aida..aku dah agak dah mase ko sms aku tanyer psl spirulina hr tu..ko ke nak mkn..tp tak tertanyer plak dlm sms hr tu..hehehe

    take care!!

    opsss..bile due?
    ko cam tau2 jek amik turn lepas aku eh..hehehe

  15. congrats..nasib check lagi kan..dah 8 weeks yer..moga semuanya lancar..

  16. Salam ...

    Congratulation !!!
    Rezeki Ramadan dan Syawal.
    Take care !!

  17. Clap2..tahniah diucapkan, its good that you go for other opinion kalau tak macam diagnose depa bagi. Most probably your due mesti lebih kurang dgn my wife hehe

  18. hi SUE !!
    aku jangkit ni dari ko laaa weiii!
    hehehe.. biasaklaaa.. kita kan sehati sejiwa.. due maybe first week april!
    ko bila lak?

  19. DaZzlingLilLy > thank you!!
    hope semua ok lah hendaknya!

  20. thanks SM@A !
    indeed my blessing this time around.
    perfect timing!

  21. Nurman!!
    i knowwww!!
    i read your raya post.. dah terpikir dah, aik.. sama ke?? 1st week april?? hahahha..
    calittt sket ngn your wife! hehe

  22. aku insyaAllah due hujung bln 12 ni...baru nak masuk 25 weeks.. :)

    cam tau2 je nak jangkit..hehehe

  23. aiseymannnn SUE!!
    tak sama tawon laaa plakkk kali ni..
    apakata ko salin bulan 1, aci dak? hehe

  24. aiyoo..lama aku tak jenguk (sebab malas update blog and tekanan perasan) rupanya ada roti dah ko ek.. tahniah bebeh! pelok ketat2!

  25. Congrats dear!!!! Ooppss i am a silent reader but i love to read ur blog...first timer commenting here hehe...

    Also, I LOVE PROF SITI ZAWIYAH SO MUCH!!!!! She has been my gynae for all my 3 babies...she's the best!!!!! I've been to so many gynaes...but she's the best so far... i sampai sanggup tunggu takut bersalin awal recently coz nak prof siti gak sambut my baby haha...i do trust her with my life :-)

    Congrats again!!!!!

    Best rgds,

  26. qistina!!! miss u beb!
    hope u are ok there..
    insyaAllah.. i'll jaga my best..
    thanks for the wishes dear..

  27. ELLE !!! thanks for reading my blog! and taking the effort to leave comment to me.
    great to see we have gynae-in-common! hahaha
    because none of my officemates gone to UMSC. it's just me!
    an old friend of mine recommended prof siti to me, but it was SEVEN years ago, and aren't I'm glad I listened to her!
    Prof is indeed the best there is!

  28. omg omg...so happy for u! congrats!!! what a wonderful raya gift...so blessed!!!

  29. hi leoness!!
    thanks so much for sharing my happiness!

  30. cz22 hunnn!!
    but oh gosh.. this ain't a good week for me!
    my back hurts and i've been nauseous!

  31. congrats!!!! :)

    Hehehe first time leaving a message here ;) - Lynn

  32. Again, congrats bebs. Take care and jgn moody2 k. Glad to meet u the other day kat Empire! hihi sorry tak dpt make a visit to the office.

  33. oh,bestnyaaa.congrats!doakannnnn kami yg dah lama nak pregnant ni pleaseee.sampai hati doktor yg awal2 tu cek sukahati camtu.nasib baik la u pegi cek doktor2 lain.panjang umur baby ni.hehe....

  34. Congratulations!!!!! That's so exciting! May the rest of your pregnancy be filled with happiness and good health!!

    That's scary what happened at first!

    xo, sam

  35. lynn !!
    gosh long time no hear from u!
    thanks dear!
    keep in touch ok!

  36. yaya!
    nnt i ngn nini buat plan crash your pod laa plak kat abu dhabi tu!
    sebelum u balik for good, ok! hehehe

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