Thursday, October 27, 2011

A (sexy) manly reminder.. oh la laaaa..

Sounds (looks) kinky?
Not really.
Look at this as another approach in educating the women.
Yes, us, women.
What about?
Well, Breast Cancer, of course!
There has been several deaths this year, of those whom I personally knew, which related to breast cancer.
Although non were blood related to me, (and I am very much grateful to know that genetically I am free of cancer) all were shocking news, as they discovered at the critical cancer stage.
What happened to the curable 1st and 2nd stage?
My medical insurance covers for mammogram and pap smear screenings only at the age of 40 and above.
Forty years old?
Oh come on!
With this current lifestyle, unhealthy food, polluted air and water, don't cha think we need to revise that?
Early detection is crucial now.
We can't wait till 40, anymore.

And thanks to this video, which I can guarantee, us, women will gladly takes matters into our own hands.
Ohh laa laaaaa.. enjoy!

(pics and video googled from the net)


  1. Yummy!
    That was entertaining, especially those silly end credits. :)

  2. hahahaha..
    such a cool way to do the reminder for us women, aye? hehe


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