Sunday, January 08, 2012

Perfection is the name

The most perfect movie ever made.
The plot is fabulous.
The script is beyond fantastic.
The cinematography is purely genius.
There is absolutely nothing that I would request for more in this film.
Everything is just perfect as it is.
Guy Ritchie being the mastermind has once again successfully combined Robert Downer Jr. and Jude Law, to star the ultimate partnership bond between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
This is by far a film that you must watch again and again.


  1. u buat i mahu menonton!heheh.. pasti akan nonton next week (pas gaji) sbb tgk wyg sini mahal.hahaha

  2. qistina, mesti pegi ok!
    and make sure u duduk seat yg jauh sket, jgn terlalu dekat dengan screen.
    sebab nnt kalu kat depan u takkan dapat nampak full view of each scene.
    kena peka, sebab sekecik kecik bende pon sangattttt significant!
    each and every frame in this film, is seriously an ART work worth to remember!

  3. I've watched the film & thought the 1st half was too slow for my liking. ;p Other than that, I agree, the story line is brilliant! :)


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