Thursday, October 18, 2012

Still Oct Photo-A-Day effort

Let's continue.

Day 8 "Angle"
Triangle is my favourite angle.  What's yours?
Hahaha.. just trying to take this baby out for a breather.
It's the Louis Vuitton Watercolour Aquarelle Speedy 30 in White.
I really do not have the courage to handle vachetta leather.. Sigh.. :(

Day 9 "Red"
Or famously known as Pomme D'Amour..
oh sounds soooo romantic isn't it?
My favourite shades of red ever!
From the Louis Vuitton Vernis collection, these are the Sarah Wallet and the Cles Key Pouch.

Day 10 "Emotion"
This is genuinely happy feeling for my baby, as bathing like a princess is her ultimate favourite activity!

Day 11 "Something close up"
And what better way than to capture this Coach Crocodile Embossed Maggie Ink texture for this day theme.

Day 12 "On the table"
Is what I have prepared for my mom!
Breakfast in bed.
Homemade pancake with butter, maple syrup and honey as dipped choices and hot nescafe on the side.
Mom's birthday was on the 11th October.
Of course, we had the celebration later the weekend but this was the least I could do before rushing off to work.

Day 13 "Landscape"
Love this view overlooking from the open area outside the Kuala Lumpur National Mosque.

Day 14 "Makes you laugh"
And drives all the worries away..
Remind me to focus more on spending quality time with my family.

Day 15 "Dinnertime"
Yes, I know, I'm a bad mother..
but what can I say when all that he wanted was a milk shake with whipped cream on top?
Yeah, coincidentally, we do always have whipped cream in the fridge.
And yes, strawberries too.. LOL

Day 16 "Something you wrote"
Seriously, writing is no longer something I do on regular basis.
It's always jotting down notes on laptop or notepad inside the iphone.
But sometimes, scribbling it down does help to have the clear understanding.
Conclusion, I think my handwriting is getting uglier.. hmm..

That's all for now.
Will be back for more!

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