Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Ongoing Love Affair with Sabrina

Well, let me introduce you to one of the Coach Madison Collection, the Sabrina!

Yes, it all started with this picture of Michelle Trachtenberg with green patent Sabrina. (picture found in tpf)It was March 2009, so, I simply asked hubby for it as my birthday present. From the picture, hubby said it's an ugly green but he still bought it because I was so determined on it.
And when it arrived, wallaaaa!! He got the shock of his life! As the green turns out to be more than stunning! Introducing, the Coach Madison Large Green Patent Leather Sabrina, style # 12948This marks the Sabrina love affair! I love that it can be hand-held, and comes with detachable strap for shoulder carry. I've fallen deeper in love with it each day and unable to fight the temptations of buying several more.. well, another 5 to be exact! hahaha..

Coach Madison Large Camel Patent Leather Sabrina, style # 12948
Which was also gorgeously worn by Hayden Pannettiere.(picture found in tpf)

Coach Madison Large Black Leather Sabrina, style # 12949

Coach Madison Large Cherry Leather Sabrina, style # 12949

Coach Madison Large Berry Leather Sabrina, style # 12949

Coach Madison Large Steel Leather Sabrina, style # 12949

I love it sooo much that I just had to buy one for my mom! This was my mom's recent birthday present, Coach Madison Medium Op Art Khaki Brown Sabrina, style # 12947

There's also the Julianne style in the Coach Madison Collection. It is the largest in Madison collection and carries similar trade of the Sabrina, and of course I couldn't let it slide off just like that! haha.. This is the Coach Madison Op Art Brown Julianne, style # 12963

And lastly, the Sabrina Family picture!! ta-daaa!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My All Time Favourites..

( this is taken from my post in the bag-aholics blogspot )

..is the CARLY!!

Carly is THE most famously associated to Coach Brand.

This is Coach classic handbag design and no other brand dare to create similar look to it. Carly marks the the beginning of Coach era. It was at that moment, like, a must have for all Coach addict!

And after owning two, I honestly believe that you can never go wrong with Carly.
It matches perfectly with every single outfit, at any point of time and functions!

I bought my very 1st Carly at Coach KLCC and it was my dear hubby who pointed it out as she sat quietly on the top shelf, with 50% discount tag during the Coach Clearance 2008! And it was love at first sight!

This is my Coach Large Parchment Leather Carly style #10616, with Mahogany leather trim and Brass hardware.
And check out the baby blue satin lining.

Of course I couldn't just stop there.. I mean, everything needs a partner, right? hehe..
So, I went back to visit all the Coach boutiques but they only have the Coach Signature Carly and no more leather..
I'm not so much into siggy prints, hence, I moved to Ebay and found the perfect pair!

Ta-daa!! Here's my Coach Large Black Leather Carly style #10616, with Black leather trim and Brass hardware.
And with it's shimmering bronze satin lining.

As usual, accessories are my bags best buddies..
so, here are the carlys gorgeously dressed up for the day..

Just incase you didn't notice, I was actually using the same ponytail scarf.
This scarf has several patterns on it and it is different front and back.. absolutely creative isn't it? hehe..

Monday, September 07, 2009

My Coach Ergo Collection

( this is taken from my post in the bag-aholics blogspot )

Hi. My name is Jay. I am a 32 year old mommy to two beautiful cheeky boys.. and I am a self proclaimed Coach-addict! Hahaha.. Yes! I love coach handbags and in this 1st entry of my Coach handbags, I would to share with you my Coach Ergo Collection.

In my humble opinion, I think this must be the most lightweight leather collection ever made by human kind. Yand you can tell that it is lightweight even by the looks of it.

First up is my Coach Large Tan Pleated Ergo Leather Tote, style #12247, followed by Coach Medium White Pleated Ergo Leather Tote style #12240 and lastly the Coach Rose Pleated Framed Ergo Leather Satchel style #12248. All are gorgeously lined with Coach Tattersall sateen fabric lining.
Ok, so you may think that what's so special about this Ergo anyways? It looks boring, there's no hardware accessories, no bling bling.. but just pure plain looking leather bag.. Not even a Coach writing on it (except for on the hangtag and inside tattersal lining and the style creed)..

Well, that's what accessories are all about my dear! Just like a woman, handbags too need accessories to complete the look, if u know what i mean *wink*..and here are pics of my bags taken as i accessorised it to use accordingly throughout the week.
So you see, the Ergos practically have endless looks! With the right kind of accessories, you can transform it to suit any attire, formal and casual. No, you do not need to buy only Coach accessories to use on it. U can mix it up with others, even personal stuffs. For instance, the brown silk scarf on the ergo was actually my mom's scarf! I tried to use the Coach brown-patchwork ponytail but it just didn't match well. See for yourself:
The tips is not to be afraid to mix and match. Till next episode, have fun with your handbags and don't forget to accessorize!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

For the love of COACH

Oppss.. I have become addicted to the purse forum and have been buying COACH handbags ever since my December 2008 purchases.. but no worries, nobody have been starving and I have not been selling my kids in the black market to fund my coach-addiction.. yet.. haha!! Everything is still under control as I have tried my very best to hunt for bargains and although I love all the bags that I have bought, I will sell the unused ones in order to fund up and to make way for the new purchase.. that's how I get my money rolling and to prevent from spending large amount at once.

I have without any shame appointed myself as the Malaysia- Coach - Ambassador, in the purse forum.. the thread is here just incase if you're wondering about it
And I have contributed several posts in the bag-aholics blogspot.. including selling my unused pre-loved and some new with tags bags as well over there..

Which that reminds me maybe I should also posts about it in here, my own blog because I do have one.. haha.. ok.. let that be note to self..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i feel like a ball..

..being passed around, each time whenever there's an organisational restructuring!
I hate this part right here!
This is one of the disadvantage of working in a huge company where man power is merely just based on filling in the chart boxes, instead of job matching!
Not only it doesn't matter to whatever course study you took during your strive-for-a-degree years, but also doesn't even relate to whatever job that you have done last month, last year, or last freaking 7 years!!
Seriously, for a company this big and old and established, I have to say, the management are idiots.


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