Sunday, May 23, 2010

They're here!! Get your sunnies ready!!

The bling-bling is more stunning than I have ever seen !!
From the 30 pieces that were brought in, only these are left for me to bring to work on Monday.
So, get ready, coz first come first serve basis.


  1. i wanna rsvp the black, dark blue, and then yg biru pelik tuh..brown tuh mcm suke jugak...yg darker one..and ne of the pinkish..can u put that aside..nnt monday first thing first i pi cari u ok...

  2. dear, last picture, bottom right, that's actually dark-lilac!!
    u're gonna love that one!
    i almost nak amik, tapi, i dah pokai, seriously! and besides, takde lak baju nak match! cissss!

    u sure muat the black, navy, lilac, and pink sbb besar muka nya tu, saiz M/L munawwarah!
    tapi the blue/greyish in pic top most maybe tak, sbb that one saiz S.. kecik maa..

    ok.. see u monday!


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