Sunday, May 02, 2010

Why I don't have a Facebook

Believe it or not, I am demmm proud of it!
I am part of the almost-extinct-non-facebooking-people! hahaha
It's like almost everybody on earth has a facebook.
If you must know, nope, I am not living in a cave.
And yes, I am part of the executive working in corporate company and living in metropolitan city!
No, I am not retarded, thank you for asking.

So, what's stopping me from Facebook-ing?
Well, the answer is simple, I just don't want to!


Don't get me wrong.
I don't hate it.
I am not anti-facebook.
And I don't have anything against those with facebook either.
I just choose not to have a facebook.
It is purely my choice.
I don't see the need for it.
And I can live happily without it.
I don't even have a friendster, or myspace, or whatever community link group, if you must know.
So, yeah, I don't plan on twittering either.

It's not that I don't want to get in touch with all my friends / old schoolmates / long lost relatives etc..
I do, but I believe if you really want to get in touch with me, you can do that via phone, email, or feel free to pat my back when we bumped to each other.. nothing wrong with doing that, right?

So, the next time somebody said that they do not have a facebook, don't shrieked like you've seen a ghost.
Because it is really O.K for not having one.
And at least, learn to respect their decision for it.

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  1. U are just like my hubby...definitely he is also saying NO to apa2 reason I bagi he cannot accept and hafta I kena ikut dialah...ihiks

  2. like in my situation, my hubby is the one with FB..
    haha.. just let him be the only one with it.. coz if both of us get attached to it, it will turn ugly..

  3. he he no worry, everybody have their own choices and preferences. I loike facebooking, so do my long as you don't offended other people

  4. thanks Nurman!
    that's right!
    as long as u don't offend people or bad-mouth them, and as long as it doesn't bring harm to u and family, i believe u have nothing to worry about..
    keep it clean, keep it safe!


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