Monday, February 14, 2011

Egg-treme arrival by Gaga

As usual, nothing lesser is expected from Lady Gaga for this 2011 Grammy Awards.
Crazy to the max!
No, I'm at work now but does not hurt to google for news updates, in between doing this presentation paperwork.. LOL!
Those at home, can follow up live on the red carpet, Astro Chanel 711.. ehh.. or is it 712 ?
Looks like an expensive egg, said Gya.
Sort of like the escape pod superman Kal-El was in, don't cha think so?

And at the point when we're guessing what on earth is she wearing inside the egg, here's a glimpse of her black clothes, black gloves and black sunnies.
So what is the significance of this entrance?
Well, what other way than coming out of a translucent egg while performing her new song titled "Born This Way" ??
Yup.. that's her hatching out.
Enjoy the pics!

(pics googled from the


  1. wow! grand entrance! Can't wait to watch the grammys in about.. 6 mins! weeee!


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