Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reporting live from the Empire !

Empire, Subang that is !
Although ohhhh how I do wish it was Empire State building, New York.. LOL..
Anyway, just came back outing to Shopping Complex Empire, at Subang Jaya and visited the newly opened last Dec 2010, Coach boutique.
Although it's a small store, it is actually bigger than the Coach boutique at KLIA airport, just to compare.
And the most important of all is that they just got a whole bunch of the new Poppy Valentine Collection!!
I'm seriously loving the poppy heart shaped bag design!
Minus the pointy zip top!
Indeed liking the dome shape!!
But of course, there's still the 'standard' looking tote, for those of u tote-lovers.
Love the hibiscus prints!
Kinda adding more to the "Malaysian" feeling.. doesn't it?
After all, hibiscus is our national flower.
Wonder if hubby would fall for that reason.. hmm..
But as for me, I'm just totally at awe by the sequins!
For the conservative type, never fear.
The blacks are here too!
And who says black is boring?
Last but not least, a surprise twist for the revolutionised legacy print, the clear-sequins pouch!
As excited as I was with the new collection, I actually went home empty handed because my valentine was not brought in to Malaysia at all..
Oh bummer.. :(

p/s: I am not affiliated with Coach brand in anyway.  Just innocently loving them bags. 


  1. I balik haritu shopping Crabtree & Evelyn byk2 kat Empire coz kat M'sia it's wayyyy much cheaper than here. BTW, recipe choc lava cake tu I ikut guna recipe ni, http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/molten-lava-cakes-recipe/index.html but instead of 1/2 cups of flour, I letak 2 sudu je flour. Happy trying!

  2. ooooo very da-bling! hehe!!!

  3. I like also...tapi mens line bag dia besar gedabak..mana sesuai dengan bdn org malaysia ni

  4. me also fallen in love wth coach~

  5. I like the clear sequin pouch, can easily match with any clothes


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