Saturday, April 23, 2011

First revision for Amin

Amin's gonna sit for his Standard 1 examination this Monday.
And hubby's been doing revision for him since last night.
We're trying our best not to make it horrifying for him.
Instead making studying be fun.
But of course, nothing is easy.
I have to keep Arif occupied, so that hubby can do revision with Amin.
Or else, Arif will be bugging him to play together.
Well, wish us and Amin, best of luck !


  1. hi u..i rindu ngan sistem pembelajaran kat Malaysia..dulu, si Is ni mmg everyday kena buat exercise dari buku2 latihan yang i beli sendiri..dah kat sini, banyak main..hehe
    tips: u have to buy your own exercise books for your son k..bykkan latihan for, bila nak tests or exams..dia x pressure malah dia lebih advance dari kekawan dia...sharing is caring u :D

  2. Zara > great idea!
    but, when i told him to read, he said no need because teacher didn't tell him to do so.. konon dia dah pandai laa.. menjawab kita balik tu yg tak larat tu..

  3. cynthia !!
    so far so good!
    thanks for asking.
    tomorrow is the last day of exam!
    spelling bee!


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