Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cleaning toilets? Not a problem !

When you have CLOROX !Wuhuuuu !!
First and foremost, this is not a sponsored post, although it is a blast if I actually get paid for it.. haha..
Anyway, I found this while blog-hopping a few months back and decided to give it a try.
It's been 2 months and I am totally satisfied with these Clorox range.
Clorox, a very well known household cleaning detergent, more specifically for bleaching purposes.
Which now, I realised there's actually more to it.
When I was a kid, cleaning toilets were the most hated chores that my sister and I always quarrelled over to not do it.
And after married, I gave hubby the privileged to clean them.
Ohhh indeed now hubby soooo thankful to me for finding this.
Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bleach.
I call this "toilets drops".
It keeps the bowl clean for more than 2 months!
Yes, we do not have to scrub the toilet at all now!
Believe it!
Just drop it in the toilet tank, and it will work its magic instantly.
Honestly, they are a little pricey, and, let me just tell you that upfront so that you will not freak out when you plan to get one of this.
It comes in pack of one.
Just buy one, no need two.. well, one for each toilet that is.
Worth it to put in heavily used toilets - that you uses/ flushes more than 10 times a day.
This is because that these pills were designed to dissolve within 2 months period, despite you flushed the toilet regularly or not.
It comes in blue pills too, but I hate seeing blue streaks in my white bowl, so, I'll recommend the white pills, coz then you can clearly see the sparkling clean effect.
Clorox Clean-Up Bleach
And you may be asking, what about the seat, and lid of the toilet?
That's when this comes in handy.
Its spray form is simply perfect.
Just spray it over and under the seat and lid.
Spray it on the bathroom wall, floor, and sink too.
Don't forget around the water hose and pipe.
Leave it for 15 minutes, and you'll be doing the disco dance!
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Do not use this to wipe the baby bum!
Yeah, I have to remind you this because I have no idea there's such thing as wipes rather than for the baby usage.
Let me be frank, this is not a cleaning product per say.
This wipes, I've been using it to kill germs and to add the extra layer of cleaning closure for the pleasant clean smell.
It comes in 3 smell, and only 35 pieces of cloth in a case.
I don't use it much, on certain occasion only.
I used this when Arif recently got the HFMD, which I wiped the toys and door knobs and such, right after he recovered from it, just so that Amin would not get infected.
Apart from that, I also use this after I have mopped the floor.
I simply attached this cloth to the end of the dry-mop, and swipe it around the floor, for the extra kill-the-germ-and-clorox-clean-aroma.

That's my tip in cleaning.
I don't have a spotless home, or a maid to help clean up, so, when it comes to nifty stuffs like this, I just have to share it with you.
Less time spent cleaning, more time for fun with the kids!

Have a great weekend, all !!

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  1. kat mana ade jual ni kak? i really need the first & 2nd one.. huhu.. penat ar asyik menyental toilet.. hee

  2. hehe thanks for the tip esp for a lazy bum like me. now the cleaning part I leave it to the weekend cleaner to do it tp sementara nak tunggu weekend tu, sakit hati jugak tgk lantai kotor :p

  3. saya pon guna the clorox tablet tu, mmg puas hati. tp lps baca this entry, nak try clorox clean-up bleach tu pulak :)
    thanks for sharing!

  4. mamaDhea >> i bought them kat GIANT SUPERMARKET jer.. the spray bleach and wipes memang banyak, but the toilet drops tu, yg putih susah sket nak carik.. biru yg banyak which i memang tak suka sbb i don't like seeing blue streaks kat toilet bowl i.. tak nampak clean, to me.

  5. Joy > yes! yes! give it a try! save the backpain from scrubbing the toilets!

  6. leoness > ohh this time, no need to wait till weekend.. just spray the bleach anytime and wallaaa! spotless clean!

  7. nanako > ohh definitely must try the spray bleach.. it helps cleaning the molds on the floor, walls, and sink!


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