Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Hubby

Still and also about sports;
My die-hard-Arsenal-fan hubby went to the Arsenal's team training session this evening.

And came home smiling ear to ear as he got this thrown by Vito Mannone to the spectators.

In conjunction with the Arsenal Asia Tour 2011, the Malaysia team will play vs Arsenal tomorrow night, at Bukit Jalil Stadium.
Yes, hubby is going with his guy-office-mates
Yes, I'll be at home attending the kids.
Yes, you owe me, big time, hunny!!


  1. Same here beb. hubster is attending liverpool game (both training and match.. *roll eyes*) and I am home bound watching the brood.

  2. haha.. u know when i told him this, he said, "alaaaa, bukan selalu yangg.. "
    oh ya, i just found out that dia beli gak tiket untuk tgk liverpool, walaupun he's not a fan, tapi nak pegi jugak tgk dgn alasan this is the first time liverpool datang malaysia!


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