Saturday, July 09, 2011

Our Sporty Weekend

It was Amin's Sport's Day last Sunday, 3rd May 2011.
He's in the BLUE house.
As usual, there's the Red, Yellow and Green house too.
The whole school's getting ready to begin the event.
It was 8.00am.
Started with the official marching into the field, each classroom, one by one.
Followed up by chilling up inside the tent because it ended up drizzling.
Here's Amin with his classmates.
After an hour waiting, finally the sun came shining down on us.
Amin joined the kids relay sukaneka games.
Where he had to move around the obstacle cone by rolling this ginormous ball around it.
Then, had to picked the ball up to jump over the mini-fence.
And rolling it back the other way for the next team member's turn.
Look how huge the ball was.
Look how cute the fences were! hahaha
Amin did great!
But it was a team effort and it's all about spirit of participation.
  We got 3rd !
But Amin was not that happy, because his best friend Rayyan in Red team got Silver.
Amin wanted to get Gold medal.
I had to keep reminding him, this was team effort and although he ran the fastest, it all depends on the whole team.  Hence, I told him, next time, we enter the solo run, ok!
But for now, Congrats on your FIRST EVER SPORTS MEDAL, Amin !!


  1. congrats to amin!!! =) the obstacle cone looks so much fun! =)

  2. thanks Angel !!
    it's so funny actually seeing these little kids, some which shorter and smaller than Amin, to run through relay games!
    but most important of all the parents screaming from the side lane.. haha

  3. Yeay..congratulation amin...yes I agreed its all about teamwork yess

  4. Your little man Amin looks so cute with his first sports medal!! :o)


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