Friday, July 15, 2011

Hats Gallore, right here at home !

Just like the Royal Wedding scenes that I blogged about recently.
I took the opportunity to wear this hat during Amin's sports day last weekend.
It was after all, an outdoor field event.
Assuming to be hot and sunny.
Such a perfect weather and event, for hats and such.. don't cha think so?
I specially requested my officemate, QZ who went to Melaka for a product roadshow to search and buy one for me.
I was superrr excited to wear this hat.
Heck, I even thought I'd be the only one wearing it.
But who knew, I was dead wrong.

The teachers beat me to it.

And I felt like stealing this one from her!
Pure envy!!

So, in the end, I don't feel pretty any more.
Naahhh, here! YOU wear it, hun!


  1. Boleh jadi peladang berjaya ni hi hi

  2. hehe i have one as well tp asyik kelepet sana sini, give up!!!

  3. Hehehheehhe.. Cikgu2 lagi advance ok. ;p

  4. haha.. yes Nurman..
    i called it "topi petani" masa describe to my friend to buy it for me.

  5. leoness > how did yours get kelepets??
    keras jerrr yg i punya ni..

  6. hello ayu!
    thanks for dropping in my blog.
    yup, the teachers mesti dah biasa lah with this sports event..
    i jer yg ketinggalan.. haha

  7. Those were some fantastic hats!!

    I liked your hat too! That's so cute that DH was wearing it! (Next time, you can tie animal print ribbon around it to make it more bling!)

  8. thanks sam!
    i have several coach ponytail scarf, and i'll make sure to tie it around it if i ever wear it again..

    anybody out there wanna invite me to their kids' sports day??

  9. Salam ....

    Macam gi tengok Melbourne Cup lah pulakk ....

    Cantik-cantik topi tu ...


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