Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

Final match France vs New Zealand is on air now.
Hubby supporting France, is out watching it with Juju and Fahmi.
Oh goshhh..
It's stressing me out watching this.

I bet the boys are feeling far worse.
Both teams are strong, but I can see that the All Blacks are monopolizing the game at the moment.
Time now 30:29
Score NZL 5 : 0 FRA

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  1. Oh yeah, tell me about it.
    It's the same situation at my house now.
    Every weekend whenever the rugby match is on, we'll be at home by 3pm glued to the tv.
    Even my 2.5 yrs old daughter can do Haka.

    Go All Blacks!

  2. hiyeeeeee beb!!
    i tot i'm the only one glued here!
    i'd say GO FRANCE!! hahaha


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