Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Such a messy Day 1

Oh no.
Not Amin.
My son was indeed handsomely dressed for his first day of school, this afternoon.

It's the school's day 1 management that was utterly messy!
During the last day of school last year, the teachers announced to all that the students shall follow their current classroom.
Meaning that if the student was at Standard 1 Dahlia, he will enter Standard 2 Dahlia.
There will be no reshuffling of students yet.
I even visited the school's office last week, on the day we bought the exercise books at the school bookstore, just to confirmed on this matter.
But today, wohoooo.
Behold! Things changed in split seconds.
Or assuming the headmistress decided to changed it yesterday!

As the students gathered in the hall according to the "supposed classroom", the teacher said there will be a slight change, but they will sort it out today.
Try and imagine the crowded scene of all the students of Standard 1, Standard 2 and Standard 3 in the hall, with their respective parents attending the first day.
Standard 1 students, did not faced any problem, because the name list of students vs classroom has long been posted on the information board as guidelines for the newbies.
And of course, we would assumed if such changes to happen, then the name list of Standard 2 and Standard 3 be put up too, right?
Well, you're dead wrong, sucker !
The name lists are not on the notice board, but it is on the door of each of the classroom.
And can you guess what happened next?
Parents scattered all over the place searching for their kids name on the classroom doors.
I had to go one by one classroom, till third floor.
And demmitt that some classrooms did not even have the list on the door!
Hence we had to ask the teacher to check it out on her list at hand.
Oh why can't they just go photostat the list again and stick it up somewhere??
Is paper suddenly extinct today??
Seriously, it was an absolutely tiring day for me.
And don't get me started on the heat.

Finally got Amin to his rightful class after 45 minutes of scrambling around.
But I was upset that I couldn't get him to sit up front since all the front seat has been taken.
Well, at least we got the direct fan above.


  1. mak mak mmg selalu nak anak duduk depan right? but bawah kipas also good la aida.. pas main kejar2 masa break.. kering terus peluh :p

  2. thanks qistina for the reassurance.
    amin ni suka berangan.
    dok meja depan skali pon dia bley jadik blurr.
    i takut lansung tak focus dia darjah 2 ni nnt.
    nampak gayanya mommy laa kena full time buat revision kat rumah pasni..

  3. ya Allah siannya... dah la akak preggy.. sabar ek ..

  4. tu laa pasal iqwa..
    kena carik kelas sampai tingkat 3 bangunan tu tau..
    sampai hangit laa daki tangga ni..


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