Friday, July 09, 2010

Dear Paul..

If you're asking who's Paul, then, you must be living outside the earth's atmosphere.
Because Paul is making the news headlines.
Definitely more famous than any of today's artist, athlete and politician.
Still wondering who?
Well, it's Paul the Oracle-Octopus of course!
This Octopus, residing in the Sea Life Oberhausen tank located in western Germany has predicted the Spaniards to win the Fifa 2010 World Cup finals against Dutch.

Could it just be a coincidence?
This two year old octopus's prediction was right for the recent semi-final match between Germany and Spain.

And the quarter-final match too.

So, would you trust the sea creature, or the Singapore's Mani the Parakeet, which predicted otherwise?
Whatever it is, I'll be cheering for Iker Casillas!

(pics googled from the net)


  1. We all duduk gelak2 patutnya they named Paul jadi Henry. So dia jadi "Henry the octopus" yg dalam Wiggles tu. hihihi

  2. Bwahahahah..
    Well, maybe bcoz org German tak tgk Wiggles kot.. huhu
    tapi serious mcm miracle kan.. paul predict 7 games and semua spot on!


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