Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spring cleaning part 3

Believe it..
Yes !
All for sale !
Hurry and check out my booths at (local) and (international)


  1. why are you selling your speedies?? maybe for another new hotty??? hehe

  2. absolutely..
    itu sudah mesti..
    but most important, i'd rather sell it off to someone who will use it rather than let them rot in the closet unused..
    i'm not handheld type laa..
    i prefer shoulder carry and lightweight too please..

  3. I pun not handheld type...the only handheld bag yang i speedy damier tu..and bawak pergi majlis je...not for leisure or shopping!

    how much are you selling yang watercolour tu? your speedy lawo la babe! sayang...but like you said better let go than keep it rotten hehe..:-)

  4. Hi Jelita, i stumbled upon ur site while i was hunting for watercolor speedy. Thank you for taking ur time to share all ur babes online, u hv the most gorgeous collection of LV goodies. But to much of my horror, i found out that u auction off ur absolutely-stunning WC speedy 1 yr ago!! Kesian-nya!! But i probably wont get the blanc watercolor due to maintenance issue.

    Can I get ur advise? I’m considering to get either watercolor speedy 30 in brown or watercolor papillon 30 in brown..cant make up my mind..

    Do u have any experience buying from online pre-owned luxury goods dealers like Malleries or Luxury Exchange?

    Or do u have any other frens planning to sell WC? :D


  5. hi unknown.
    actually majority of my LV are pre-owned.
    it is risky but i get it authenticated on the purseforum and caroldiva.
    i trust coz i almost bought one from there, but i can't comment for as i have never crossed path there.

    anyway, regarding your speedy vs papillon, i would suggest a speedy because of it's iconic design.
    papillon might be good for shoulder carry but i read complaint on the purseforum regarding the difficulty of both strap to hang-on to the shoulder and also the shape makes the bag easily rolled around when placed on table.

    u need to test on both styles at the boutique and see if u like the speedy or papillon.
    then only proceed to get the WC brown prints.
    totally worth it!


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