Thursday, February 22, 2007


Two of Joe's tyres and sport rims are missing!

Yes! They're gone! Kapusshhh.. Zero.. Nada.. We have been robbed.

At 10pm last night, we reached our apartment to discover that 2 of Joe's tyres have gone missing and my car was only supported by a single red brick. Both front and back of the right-side tyres were taken. We suspect the incident happened during day time because Joe looked fine when we left to work 8.15am yesterday with Han's car. The thieves must have run away quickly because who would steal only 2 tyres? Why not take all 4? Something must have scared them. That should explain the all 8 lug nuts that were scattered under the car.

And why Joe? Why not other cars? Why not that Alfa Romeo car parked near the corner behind the wall and in the much secluded area? Why? Because of the sport rims. Yup. My dad replaced all Joe's tyres last year with a brand new 16 inch tyres and Satria GTI lemon-look-alike shiny silver sport rims. And if I were the thieves, I might come back again tonight to get the rest of the tyres/sport rims. So last night, we just had to move Joe from the crime scene.

Thanks Ayah and Mak for coming over at 11pm to help Han and I move the car. We managed to hook up the spare tyre and borrow one of Han's tyre. Thank god that the thief didn't take the lug nuts, or else we would never be able to hook the tyres up last night. Dad then drove Joe to his home for safety.

This morning, we reported the incident to the local authorities. They said that it was a thing to quickly move the car last night. There's not much that the police can do except for making regular rounds in the area since the incident occurred in daytime. We managed to ask a few residents about it and one of them told us that when she got back from college at 4pm yesterday evening, she saw that the tyres were already gone. It seems that the thieves nowadays are desperate and brave enough to steal during midday.

Let's just pray that justice would prevail.


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