Friday, January 29, 2010

Combi Super Mechacal DX

Presenting our very first and most loved stroller ever!

This was the limited edition model and honestly, at this time neither me nor hubby were stroller savvy.  We didn't have any knowledge regarding strollers but the only thing that I clearly recall was that I wanted a stroller that can reverse seat in order to see my baby at all times.. And we also needed a small and slim when folded stroller because at that time Kelisa was our car (slightly bigger in size comparison with the Mr. Bean Mini Cooper).  It was indeed difficult in locating that kind of stroller because usually reverse seat strollers are mostly bulky in size.

It was December 2004 (yeah, way years ago, so forgive me for blogging backwards! bwahahha) and we noticed that almost everywhere, we saw Combi stroller brand.  So we head on to this store called Toy City, located in 1utama shopping complex.  No wonder we saw plenty of Combi strollers here because this store is actually one of the Combi distributors in Malaysia.
I told the store assistant what features that I was looking for and he pointed me to this one stroller up high on the shelf.  They put it there because it was a limited edition and the one and only unit brought into the store!
So, yeah, that's the story!.
Our 1st stroller was purchased at RM1299. 
In case you're wondering, here were the specifications of the stroller
  • Made of lightweight frame and is about 6kg plus.
  • Seat can be reverse and front forward
  • 3 reclining position.
  • Extendible leg support.
  • Large canopy providing full coverage on the stroller, with 2 peek-a-boo window.
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Removable underseat basket
  • Lockable swivel front wheels with soft suspension
  • Individual breaks on back wheels
  • Mesh fabric for cooling ventilation
  • 3-point harness from the waist level 
  • Carry strap to sling over shoulder when hand-carry during travelling 

What I love about this stroller?
  • Easy to change the seat to rear and front facing by just a flick reverse of the handle! 
  • Thick and comfy padded seat
  • High seat backrest and extendible leg rest to lengthen the seat
  • Fold flat and slim
  • Super large hood, excellent to cover my baby from those paparazzi taking pictures.. bwahahhaa.. check out the canopy coverage picture below.. uber cozy!!

What I have wished this stroller would have?
  • Larger and easier to access underseat storage basket.. take my word for it, this stroller's basket was just pure nuisance to put stuffs in and get it out! It's what I hated most regarding this stroller.
  • Harness strap from the shoulder level! I wasn't aware of the severity and importance of harness' features, until I discovered it in the S&P forum.  I thought all strollers have this type of harness, oh I was sooo wrong!  Strollers manufactured in United States and Europe all implementing either 5-point harness or 3-point harness from behind the shoulder strap, and it has now become international safety standard requirements for strollers.. and yes, Combi has improved all their strollers since year 2006.
Indeed this stroller has served us well through out our years bringing up Amin.  We even travelled to Gold Coast Australia with this Combi.  If only this stroller came with secured harness and better underseat basket, I certainly would have rated it as the best in the market and kept it till this very day. 
Hmm.. on second thought, actually, thanks to all these flaws, that I got curious in learning about other types and designs and brands of strollers and thus began my journey in becoming a stroller-addict! bwahahahaha

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was a pramaholic..

Yup.. Stroller, pram, buggy, pushchair or whatever you may call this mechanism to transport your precious cargo in.. Cargo here means none other than your cutie-pie child, of course!

But then again, it sparked off after I discovered the Strollers And Prams forum!
Hubby and I bought the Combi Super Mechacal DX as our very first stroller.  We never studied anything about strollers at that time. The only thing that matters was that it has to be a Combi because we trusted in Japanese product being long lasting and assuming that it's the most advanced in technology like whatever electrical/ mechanical stuffs made in Japan itself.

Ok, hold on to your horses..
I'm gonna make a new post dedicated especially to this stroller.. yes, yes, I will search for the pictures of it too!
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Writer's Block

I said I wanted to blog..
I thought this could be an easy peasy thing.
But goshhhh.. everytime I logged into this page, my mind suddenly went blank..
This is harder than I thought.

Let's assess this situation.
I've been crazily following Coach and LV on the Purse Forum.
I am constantly hunting for great bargains for handbags on Ebay and Bonanzle.
Was an active member in the Strollers and Prams Forum.
So why is it that I turn clueless whenever I'm in my own blog?
Why? Why? Why?

I think maybe because I'm scared that I might blog about the wrong thing, although I'm not sure what is the right or wrong thing in the first place.
And I put high expectations into my blog to make it 'perfect'.
To be a favourite site for readers.
To blend among the bloggers.. sigh..
Oh hell..
Whatever am I saying here? 
I shouldn't worry about a thing, huh?
After all, since I've started this blog in year 2006, I only have 178 visitors!
Even my hubby don't read my blog! bwahahahhaa..
So, I've got nothing to loose.. nobody reads my blog anyways..

I think I'm gonna try and recall back my major posts in other forums and recreate them in here..
Great idea! Then I don't have to think too much about what to blog at this earlier stages..
Just copy and paste.. that, I can do! Yippeee!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year Resolution

Seriously, I have none.

I don't find the need for it.. but I do believe that we should have targets or plans in life.. but absolutely not necessarily means you must created it during new year and to achieve it within a-year's time period though..
Anyway, whatever we may call it, well, I just decided to set one about 5 hours ago..

While in the office, waiting for the clock to strike 5.30 for me to go home, I browsed several of my favourite blogs and wallaaaa! I've made my resolution that I myself need to start blogging too!!

Ok.. that sounds sooo familiar.. which I think I've said that before in previous previous previous posts..

So, oh well... we will just see how it goes then!
Wish me luck!


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