Sunday, February 27, 2011

Today I did the Heimlich Maneuver

Not kidding.
This is serius.
Please read on and learn to do the Heimlich Maneuver, coz you never know when you might gonna perform it.
Like what I just did, today.
We were getting ready to go out.
I was preparing the kids bag, putting the spare diaper in.

Then hubby came running to me.
Both hands holding his own neck.
Eyes bulging.
Face redenning.
He looked like he was about to cough.
But not coughing.
Oh my god!
He was gasping for air!

He was heading to the toilet.
I ran to him.
Hug him from behind.
Made a fist, placed above his belly, and yanked him backwards!
He straighten his back, and I yanked again.
Nothing happened!
Yanked again.
And again.
Nothing happened!
He's not letting out even a cough!

He's still gasping.
Bending down towards the sink.
This is it.
No mercy.
I made a fist, again, but this time I hit him hard at the upper back.
I was trembling and screaming, "What did you swallow?"
But of course, he can't answer me back.

So, I kept on hitting his back with my fist.
Slap it hard.
Very hard.
And again.
Wanting whatever that was stuck at his throat to get the hell out of there!
Then finally, he started coughing!
Cough again.
And breathe!
Ya Allah! Thank God!

So, what made him choked?
Nope, not food.
Difficult to explain this but he actually chocked after an abrupt sneezed and coughed.

Choking : is the mechanical obstruction of the flow of air from the environment into the lungs, prevents breathing, and prolonged or complete choking is potentially fatal.
And the obstruction of the airway can be caused by either a foreign body (food or small objects), a respiratory diseases, or compression to the trachea a.k.a strangulation.

I have learned this Heimlich Maneuver as soon as Amin was born, 6 years ago.
Just a precaution as we all know that babies tend to put anything and everything into their mouths.
But I never would have imagine that I'd be performing this very first time (and hopefully the last time too!) on hubby.
This is the universal sign of choking.
If you see people doing this, get help.
If you are choking, use this sign to get help.
Because chocking victim cannot talk, so, please be aware of this sign language!

Three most important thing to remember when dealing with chocking people or even your own self;
  1. Encourage to cough. If the victim is coughing, this means that he's still getting air in.  This is partial chocking. Hence encourage him to cough more to clear up his wind pipe. Offer him water.
  2. Back slaps on the upper back. This is to create pressure behind the blockage, assisting the victim in dislodging the thing.  But do not back slaps when he is coughing, as it could get worst.
  3. Abdominal thrusts- also known as Heimlich Maneuver. Please be reminded that there's a difference in doing Heimlich Maneuver for normal adult, pregnant woman, older age group, kids and babies.  Also there's the Heimlich Maneuver for yourself and what to do for victim that's already unconscious due to choking. Yes, they're must be treated differently, but hell yeah I'm telling you that each of them are worth learning!
Here's how to do the Heimlich Maneuver for a concious adult, taken from eHow.
1. Ask the choking person to stand if he or she is sitting.
2. Place yourself slightly behind the standing victim.
 3. Reassure the victim that you know the Heimlich Maneuver and are going to help.
 4. Place your arms around the victim's waist.
 5. Make a fist with one hand and place your thumb toward the victim, just above his or her belly button.
6. Grab your fist with your other hand.
7. Deliver five upward squeeze-thrusts into the abdomen.
8. Make each squeeze-thrust strong enough to dislodge a foreign body.
9. Understand that your thrusts make the diaphragm move air out of the victim's lungs, creating a kind of artificial cough.
10. Keep a firm grip on the victim, since he or she can lose consciousness and fall to the ground if the Heimlich Maneuver is not effective
11. Repeat the Heimlich Maneuver until the foreign body is expelled.. but in my recent incident, I then proceeded in doing the back slaps.

Done, that's it for now.
I'll post more about it later.
In the mean time, here's a very very VERY useful youtube for guidance.

Sayang, if you're reading this, do note that I am too young to be a widow.
So, please go do the CT scan immediately, ok!
We need to know if you might have the respiratory diseases.

(pics and guide from eHow, clips from youtube)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainy days, bring it on !

Since we don't have the 4 seasonal weather here, hence, lets just get in the groove with the upcoming rainy season, shall we.
And this what happens when mommy told every family members and relatives to go hunt for kids-rain-poncho.
We've got not one, not two, not three either.
But FOUR rain-ponchos to be exact!
MIL and SIL bought the blue and green bear rain-poncho whilst on their recent January 2011 trip to Saigon, Vietnam.
Blue is for Amin and the other is Arif's.
Arif was not keen at all about the bear rain-poncho, but he was head over heels when I received the parcel from a great friend in the United States, with Elmo and Lighting McQueen rain poncho!
Isn't he cute?
Wonder if it comes in my size.. hmm..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Have you seen this soldier?

(pics from purseblog)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another feverish week

Arif is currently on feverish week.
Tonsillitis, as expected.
Fever shoot almost 40 especially at night time, during sleep.
Doc gave antibiotics.
And we're piling up stock for cooling water 'air badak' for drinking, kool fever moisten gel sheets, wet towel for sponging throughout the night, and the voltaren insert medication located next to the bed.
Estimated recovery, 5 days tops!
Wish us luck.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rosy cheeks, like Pikachu !

Thanks to Clinique, I can finally get in touch with my feminine side.
How lame does that sound?
Well, to be honest, I am not the make-up kinda person, so, applying blusher is really a huge deal for me.
And thus I must share/ blog about this fabulous finds.

This is Clinique Quick Blush.
Some of you may have known about this long time ago, so just give me a break for newly discovering it, ok!
Anyway, the best thing about this is that the brush and blusher are both inside the stick.
You don't have to worry about misplacing the brush, or squashing the blusher with the brush because they are at opposite ends.
It is just slightly larger than the average sized lipstick. 
And yes mam, you really can apply the blusher as fast and as efficient as possible.

Here's the brush, cleverly hidden inside the stick.

And the blusher on the other side of the cap.

How to use it?
Here's the guidelines from Clinique
  • With package closed, simultaneously twist the base clockwise and cap counter-clockwise so the brush picks up cheek colour contained inside cap.
  • Lift off cap and lightly tap brush to remove excess.
  • Sweep on apples of cheeks, gently blending colour up cheekbone toward temple.

It comes in 6 shades, which of course, I have to get more than one because it's so hard to get by.
Nope, not available in Malaysia my dear..
Lousy Clinique Malaysia for not bringing this in.
I had to get it from abroad.
But it is all worth it.

(pikachu pics googled from the net, clip from youtube)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dibo says " Congrats to .. "

I want this COACH Monkey Lanyard because it would be a perfect gift to my wife who is lovable, caring and workaholic too. She definitely flash this cute lanyard to her office colleague and says "this ain't monkey business guys, I'm serious about my work"
Hubby and I thought this is the most spontaneously creative comment and hence, you deserve to win it.
Nurman, please email me (jelita78[at] your mailing address so I can post this first thing Monday morning!

Thanks to  dd, mama_alifsarah and fiezachommel for your participation in my first giveaway.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life is Tough

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative.

A wise man said this to me today.
He might just be right.

(pic googled from the net)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : My First LVoer

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reporting live from the Empire !

Empire, Subang that is !
Although ohhhh how I do wish it was Empire State building, New York.. LOL..
Anyway, just came back outing to Shopping Complex Empire, at Subang Jaya and visited the newly opened last Dec 2010, Coach boutique.
Although it's a small store, it is actually bigger than the Coach boutique at KLIA airport, just to compare.
And the most important of all is that they just got a whole bunch of the new Poppy Valentine Collection!!
I'm seriously loving the poppy heart shaped bag design!
Minus the pointy zip top!
Indeed liking the dome shape!!
But of course, there's still the 'standard' looking tote, for those of u tote-lovers.
Love the hibiscus prints!
Kinda adding more to the "Malaysian" feeling.. doesn't it?
After all, hibiscus is our national flower.
Wonder if hubby would fall for that reason.. hmm..
But as for me, I'm just totally at awe by the sequins!
For the conservative type, never fear.
The blacks are here too!
And who says black is boring?
Last but not least, a surprise twist for the revolutionised legacy print, the clear-sequins pouch!
As excited as I was with the new collection, I actually went home empty handed because my valentine was not brought in to Malaysia at all..
Oh bummer.. :(

p/s: I am not affiliated with Coach brand in anyway.  Just innocently loving them bags. 


It's 12 Rabbi-ul-Awwal in Islamic calendar, marking the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
The time for Muslim all around the world to be reminded of the Prophet's history in spreading the beliefs of Islam. 
May the deeds of the Prophet touch your life and soul.. aminn.

(pics googled from the net)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Egg-treme arrival by Gaga

As usual, nothing lesser is expected from Lady Gaga for this 2011 Grammy Awards.
Crazy to the max!
No, I'm at work now but does not hurt to google for news updates, in between doing this presentation paperwork.. LOL!
Those at home, can follow up live on the red carpet, Astro Chanel 711.. ehh.. or is it 712 ?
Looks like an expensive egg, said Gya.
Sort of like the escape pod superman Kal-El was in, don't cha think so?

And at the point when we're guessing what on earth is she wearing inside the egg, here's a glimpse of her black clothes, black gloves and black sunnies.
So what is the significance of this entrance?
Well, what other way than coming out of a translucent egg while performing her new song titled "Born This Way" ??
Yup.. that's her hatching out.
Enjoy the pics!

(pics googled from the

Dibo says " It's GIFT time ! "

Thanks to all for your participation !

I'm giving this, to YOU!
As a GIFT!

Just because.
I've been blessed with so many great friends and now, I want to give back.
But since I have only ONE gift, so, there is going to be only ONE lucky friend getting it.

What you need to do now is be my blog follower by clicking on the 'FOLLOW' icon on the left side bar of this blog and then fill in this sentences "I want this COACH Monkey Lanyard because ........... " by leaving in comment to this post.

One follower is eligible for one comment only.
Last day of comment will be by 11.59pm of Friday 18th Feb 2011.
Yup, that'll be more than enough time for you to think of the best reason.
Hubby and I will pick the most genuine entry and winner will be announced on the following day Saturday 19th Feb 2011.

Have fun thinking !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My gaming period has just begun

Don't laugh, but I am addicted to PVZ!
Sue me, I'm a late bloomer.
I know.
This is an old game.
But it is new to me.
I have finished the Adventure game stage and reached the music video, which to my surprise, I love the song!!
So, here's the clip and lyric.

(PLANTS vs ZOMBIES Music Video)

One, two, three!

There's a zombie on your law-awn
There's a zombie on your lawnnn...
There's a zombie on your law-awn
We don't want zombies on the lawn...

I know your type: tall, dark, and dead
You want to bite all the petals off of my head
And then eat the brains of
the one who planted me here

I'm just a sunflower but see
me power an entire infantry
You like the taste of brains
we don't like zombies

I used to play football (Footbaw-all)
Road cones protect my head (Cone on his head)
I have a screen door shield (Door Shield)
All zombies: We are the undead!

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate
I know you have a lot of food on your plate
Brains are quite rich in cholesterol

You're dead so it doesn't matter,
so Instead we'll use this solar power
to make a lawn defence at any hour

I like your tricycle (tricycle)
There's butter on my head (oh on his head)
(dolphin sound) I'm gonna eat your brains (oh no no no)
All zombies: We are the undead!

(lyrics and pics googled from the net, clip from youtube)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : When Karl gone fishing

(pics courtesy of Mrs E)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Best hotdog E.V.E.R

Approved and acknowledged by both of my kids, of course.
No, I do not make my own hotdog.
It's more of just me being creative with the food.

Alright, here are the steps.
First, boil the hotdog till they're fat and cooked.

Second, cut them up to pieces like this.

Next, fried them on the pan with a little oil or butter.

Flip them so that both sides are brown and yeah they will taste crunchy, better than just plain-boiled-hotdog.

Then, smile and go get the secret ingridient..

Ohhhh look at how beautiful the cheese when it melts!

And then just swoosh and swishh the magic spatula.



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