Monday, December 15, 2008

Suddenly I became a COACH junkie!

I'm blaming it all on hubby!
He was soooo not helping me at all!
Whenever I flaunted a Coach bag at him, he will say, "oh that is nice.. u better get it before somebody else does.. u will never get it this cheap again.."

It all started last 30th November, the Coach Fall/Holiday Clearance Day!
Crazy as it sounds, check out the lines at the Coach boutique The Gardens Midvalley Megamall on the 1st day of the clearance. It's totally nuts! I had to line up alone because strollers were not allowed into the boutique, hence, hubby stay outside with the kids while mommy went crazy all by herself! opsss.. hehe..

And thanks to my very supportive hubby who were communicating with me from the side window, I instantly bought this, my third Coach handbag, the Coach Bleecker Sophie Winter White Leather, style # 12406 at 30% off!

Check out its beautiful Coach Heritage Tattersall lining!

Am I done? U bet!
Oh no, it's not over yet..
The very next day, I went to check out the Coach boutique at KLCC and again, with the hubby's comment "that is a very classic design.. u must get that", I bought my forth Coach, the Coach Large White Leather Carly , style # 10616..
Yes, don't tell me, it's another white leather!
I know! I know!
Ok, shut up! comes with soft baby blue sateen fabric lining.. soooo pretty!!

So, then again, I'm blaming hubby, as usual, coz a few days later, while I was happily playing with my new toys, he said "wish the Carly would come in black".. and it got straight to my head!
So, I called up all Coach boutiques in Malaysia searching for the possibility of them having a black leather Carly. And since there aren't any, I went back to the main source - Ebay!!
There were several Large Black Leather Carly up on ebay but if course, being a long-time ebayer myself (ehemm) I will not jump straight into the pond but I spent 2 weeks googling and searching for a trusted seller and tips on how to check on the authenticity as ebay is very popular place for fake items..

My research paid off well when i successfully grabbed a bargain on the Coach Large Black Leather Carly, style # 10616 which as soon as it arrived, I straight away took it to Coach boutique at KLCC to check for its authenticity!
All the salesgirls came straight at me to look at my spanking fifth Coach acquisition and gawk at the bargain I got as it was really cheap compared to the price here and it is brand new and genuine!

Oh, and that's just the Coach handbag.. we have not yet talked about the Wristlets.. hehe ;) *wink*


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