Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : The Purple Rain that made Prince cry ! Haha

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I can't help it ! I bought TWO

This post is dedicated for all those wondering about the recent Valiram sale as mentioned in previous post.
First sight at the hall main entrance, was this poster.
Look at all those colours! 
Mentioned by Raz that this is more dangerous than the traffic light signs !
We were lining up at the hall as early as 10am.
As soon as the door opened half and hour later, we immediately rushed to the COACH sections, of course, what else.. yeah..

We saw this;

And this;

These too;

Some more;

And lastly;
Just that.
In my book, this is THE most BORING Valiram sale EVER!
I've been to a much better ones.

Anyway, later I saw this;

And these;

And my feet stopped here;

Both of you, you're coming home with me!

Today is a GREAT day !

The weather is beautiful !
The air is fresh.
The sun is shining.
The birds are singing.
Oh wait, what do we have here?

Look ! It's just a walking distance from the office !
Such a grrreat day today, isn't it?

(pics googled from the net)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shoootttt !! I'm completely stressed out today !!

This gonna be one of those ramblings post from me, blabbing about how stressed I am today because of several things.
  1. Amin got bullied at school yesterday.  One of his classmates snatched his lunchbox, ran away with it, ate every chicken nuggets, and then left the lunchbox back on the canteen table, which Amin had to go down and get it after questioning him inside the classroom, as soon as tea-break was over.  Amin said he told his class teacher by she did nothing.  Amin has this allergy towards seafood, and peanuts hence that's why I make sure to prepare him snacks every single day and not encouraging him to buy from the canteen because I don't want him to accidentally ate the crab-nuggets, instead of fish-balls nuggets as the canteen never label these food at all.  Hence when somebody stole his snack, this means that he has no food to eat, and only water to drink.  Can you imagine how angry I was with this?  Oh I feel like going over there today and give this kid a piece of my mind!  After consulting with several close friends of mine, I've decided to just ring the school up and report this to the disciplinary teacher, and we'll see if this occurs again today.  Coz if it repeats again, then ohh please hold me down coz I'm gonna rip your head off, you bully!! You mess with Amin, you mess with his "angry-momma"! You heard that!?
  2. Next, I'm having this major session at the middle of the town tomorrow morning and I need to be there sharp by 8.30am.  It's like beyond impossible ok! I have to move out of the house by 7am to make sure I get there on time! WTF!!!
  3. Hubby is out on workshop this whole week and heck, it's all me handling these loads of shittt !
  4. This advert that I'm working on came out wrong in today's newspaper and I'm pissing myself out with the A&P team.
  5. I'm on my monthly-period! DAMNNNN these hormones!!
(pics googled from the net) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Flower Power

Waterless Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!

Klang Valley-ians!
Read up!
And quickly get those water buckets out and save as much water as you can for the next three days!

The water cut is due to the closure of the Sungei Selangor water treatment plant for maintenance and upgrading works.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — One million Klang Valley residents will face a 48-hour water supply cut beginning 8am tomorrow as the Sungei Selangor water treatment plant will be shut for maintenance and upgrading works.
Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) said today that this would affect those living in Kuala Lumpur, Gombak, Petaling and Hulu Selangor once the plant in Ijok goes offline.
Corporate affairs executive director Abdul Halen Mat Somon said that sluice valves and pumps will be fixed and the water supply system upgraded.
“We will have our emergency response plan (ERP) on standby to provide water tankers to consumers. But we advise the public to store water,’’ he said.

The public can call the Syabas Hotline at 1-800-88-5252 for details on the areas affected as well to request for water tanker services; or SMS PUSPEL and send to 39222; or log on to

The affected areas are as follows:

Bukit Kiara; Royal Selangor Club; Bukit Kiara Resort; Bukit Kiara Sports Complex; National Science Complex; National Institute of Public Administration; Securities Commission; Sime Darby Convention Centre; Jalan Segambir; Jalan Belimbing; Jalan Setiabistari; Jalan Setiamurni 1-12; Jalan Setiabudi; Jalan Setiarasa; Jalan Setiaraya; Jalan Setiajaya; Jalan Medan Setia; Jalan Setiabakti; Jalan Setiakasih; Plaza Damansara; and Taman Seri Beringin.

Kampung Serai, Kuang; Kampung Kuang, Kuang; Kampung Cempedak, Kuang; Kampung Gombak, Kuang; Kampung Baru, Kundang; Kampung Melayu Sri, Kundang; Kampung Permata, Kundang; Taman Desa, Kundang; Bandar Baru Kundang, Kundang; Kundang Jaya, Kundang; Taman Rahmat Jaya, Kundang; Industrial Zone Kundang; and Bandar Tasik Puteri.

Bandar Sri Damansara; Kepong Industrial Park; Industrial Park Tago; Sunway SPK; Wangsa Permai; Desa Park City; Taman Bukit Maluri; Manjalara Kepong; Desa Aman Puri; and Medan Putra.

Taman Bukit Mayang Mas, PJU 1; Kampung Cempaka, PJU1; Dataran Prima, PJU 1; Taman Aman Sari, PJU 1; Taman Bukit Emas, PJU 1; Taman Megah Mas, PJU 1; Ara Damansara; Taman Sunway Mas; Eastin Hotel; Phileo Damansara; Universiti Malaya; Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya; Seksyen 17; Seksyen 17A; Seksyen 19-22; SS1-SS9 Kelana Jaya; SS20-SS26 Damansara; Subang Airport (MAS Kargo, MAS Catering, APAC); all of Kota Damansara; Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh; Mah Sing; Pinggiran Subang; Subang Bestari; Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara (Jalan Kekwa and Jalan Dahlia), Damansara; Damansara Idaman (PJU 1A), Damansara; Damansara Lagenda (PJU 1A), Damansara; Damansara Indah (PJU 3), Damansara; Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (PJU 3), Damansara; Tropicana Indah (PJU 3), Damansara; Pelangi Damansara, Damansara; Bandar Utama (PJU 6), Petaling Jaya; Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh; Bukit Rahman Putra Industrial Area; Taman Seri Putra, Sungai Buloh; Taman Impian Indah, Sungai Buloh; Taman Matang Jaya, Sungai Buloh; Saujana Akasia, Sungai Buloh; Kampung Matang Pagar, Sungai Buloh; Seksyen 11-14 and 16; Seksyen 51A; Kampung Sungai Penchala; Bukit Lanjan; all of TTDI; Mutiara Damansara (PJU 7); Damansara Perdana (PJU 8); and Flora Damansara (PJU 8).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Two celebrations at one time

Last Saturday we attended the double celebrations hosted by my sister in law, for both her daughters.
First up was the akikah for her newborn baby Fatini.

With the decorative swing beautifully done in the centre of the living room.

Which then my kids ended up playing as soon as baby Fatini was out.
Phewwww.. thank god.

I can't imagine baby Fatini flying across the hall in this.
I think they're pretty amazed at the never-seen-before pink swing.

Next, followed by the big sista, Fatihah's 5th Birthday bash.

My boys excitedly waiting to blow them candles out.

Check out the beautiful princess cake decoration.
Can you guess the taste?

Definitely the most popular of the year, red velvet.
Yeah, only this much was left after a few seconds!

Happy Birthday Fatihah!
Maklong wish you all the health and joy in the world.

Welcome to the family, Fatini!
Maklong wish you happy botakkan rambut soon ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you AYAH !!

We had an eventful weekend.
Weddings and akikah and birthday party invitations.
But no matter how tired we were, every moment counts and the most important thing is that we had loads of fun.
I'll blog about them all tomorrow, coz now, it's daddy's time!

Amin made this last night.

With detail plans for Batman logo on the front.
And Green Lantern on the inside.

The present, is this.

Hell no, not the watches!
But the 3-tier watch stand.. hahaha.
Yeah, he has been keeping them all scattered inside the drawer.
So, I thought it'll be pretty neat to give him this.

Now that's been taken care of, not to forget about the greatest man in my life, my dearest Ayah.

He's such a sweet man.
With sweet tooth!
So, it was easy to please.

Specially made chocolate with less sugar and baked almond with bluberry fillings!
Ohhhhhhh.. I know!!
Sounds heavenly, isn't it?
Yup, you too can get it custom made from Chenie Chocolate.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers around the world !

Friday, June 17, 2011

I saw the sign

I see signs everyday.
I'm sure you do too.

 Not only because I commute to work..
..that I get to see this everyday of the week..
..while queuing to board the train..

..while standing patiently, waiting for my destination..

..and while waiting for the building lift to go up to the office.

I'm sure you've seen all those signs before.
They are very common indeed.
And you can simply google to see weird/ funny signs around the world.
As for me, I found this directly from the staircase of the office! 
 Plain weirdo? Or purely funny?

Have a fabulous weekend, ya all !!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Double 'CHAMP'ions

Monday, June 13, 2011

Worth the hassle !

All movie slots were fully booked.
It's school holiday, what do you expect.
And having intelligent kid who is knowledgeable in all movie releases, Amin kept pestering us to take him to watch Kung Fu Panda 2.

Hubby got the seats, but it was 5 rows from the front.
At first I was a bit worried that I might get headache watching it too closely.
But happy to inform that for 5th row in cinema hall 6 GSC 1utama, it is aye-ok!
The hall is not huge and hence the screen fit nicely for viewing.

This time I have to admit that Kung Fu Panda 2 storyline is the very best for the kids.
It highlighted the love for parents and how we should be grateful for what we have.

Although the "inner peace" scene is sort of unexplainable to the kids, but other than that, this action packed movie sequel is totally entertaining.  Five stars all the way!

(pics googled from the net)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tuna rolls for tea

Another instant recipe from me.
All you need is bread, tuna-in-a-can and butter.

First up is the put a spoonful amount of tuna onto the bread.

Then flip it.

And don't forget to splat some butter in between the bread.
The butter helps keep the bread together and for better frying too.

No need oil, just lay them all onto the pan.
Leave it on for about 2 minutes.

Flip them over.
Let the bread toast evenly on both sides.
Another 2 minutes here.

And wallaaaa! 
Cut them in style.



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