Monday, December 23, 2019

Visiting the dead

Thur 12122019 : Pergi Makam Mahsuri tak?
Opkoz laa.
Dah sampai Langkawi kot.
Takkan lerr tak pegi ziarah kaklong kawassn.
Tapi just the three of us lerr
Yang lelain dah pancit from the island hopping trip and tak larat nak ikut we ols tour the Kota Mahsuri afterwards.
Ticket rate
Adults : RM12
Kids : RM6
What's there to see here apart from her grave?
Well, there's basically the historical section of her parents, her childhood, growing up, adulthood and story of her life incidents bla bla bla. Also about the island and state of Kedah cultures.
Convenient enough they let tourist such as myself to pailed the water from the telaga Mahsuri - the well. Both Bangcheeky and Zz were so impressed to see the well.
We were fortunate enough that during our visit we managed to catch 2 live shows. One was at the traditional kedah house whereby they're having a marhaban, folklore chanting for newborn baby.
The other performance was at the entrance of the place, the gamelan instrument.
The whole area is not that huge.
We could finished tour in less than half hour even if it wasn't for the performances.
Review : oklah dah alang-alang sampai sini. But it can be much much better and interesting. Only wish the whole area be made wheelchair and stroller friendly because it is currently not.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Langkawi Island Hopping

Thur 12122019 : Must do for all visitors.
And why is that?
It's because that's the only way for you to visit the famous pulau beras basah and tasik dayang bunting, of course. Just took the boat from Kuah jetty, nothing confusing here because it's the only place operating the island hopping activity. Pretty much standard package really. 
#jelita78traveltips : Please wear your swimming gear terus sebab confirm the speedboat will get you wet, hahaha.
Swimming attire
Water shoes
Topi prata neelopak utk bergaya hahah.
First stop was the Pulau Beras Basah whereby all the tourist will mandi manda because the beach is beautiful and the water is clean i tell ya.
Beware! There are tons of monkeys here so please do not bring your stuffs in a plastic bag because the monkeys will be attracted to snatch any colour kind of plastic bags. Please use propper normal picnic totes satchels or backpack, preferably any ordinary bags with zipper closure so they can't see your water bottle of food containers.
Best to bring own beach mat because there might not be enough chairs and tables to accommodate the crowd.
Frisbees and kites are welcome!
You will have a blast here.

Your boat ride will leave you here for an hour and pick you up later for the next destination which is the Pulau Singa Besar.
But you will not spend time on the island, only from boatview to witness the eagle feeding session.  Your boat tour guide will drop chicken skin onto the water and flock of eagles will sweep down to the water level to grab it.
It was such a NatGeo moment for us.. haha. Seriau je tetiba burung tu terbang dekat ngan boat. Dah laa laju swosshh swisshh ke air.

Last stop is at the Tasik Dayang Bunting.
A freshwater lake in the middle of an island.
This, my friend, is one very challenging vacation i tell ya. For my parents, I mean.
Because they need to climb up and down the stairs to reach the lakeside. There's no ramp for disable people on wheelchairs nor to wheel the kids strollers.
What do we have here? Besides the lake?
Well there's the kayaking activity, paddle boats and kiddies pond.
Babang was super excited for this but suddenly Bangcheeky got scared and we had to go back to the dock and into the kiddies pool. Hahaha babang la paling besar dalam kiddies pool tu!
And for my dear parents yang sakit kaki tu, tadahal, kat sini ada tempat urut kaki. RM20 for 30mins massage. With free shoulder and head 10mins massage.
At least there's something for them to sooth their legs for the journey back to the jetty.
Oh there's also an area for you to just dangle your feet to experience the free fish pedicures. But this no ordinary small fishes like they have in spas. These are big healthy fish! Another natGeo moment!
i am ticklish so just let Babang braved himself.
Tapi kejap je laa Babang nya letak kaki tu sebab dia pon penggeli orangnya. hahaha.. oh well.
Oklah, up next, let's go visit the dead.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Visiting La La Lang

Wed 11122019 : KUL - LGK - KUL
Finally, set foot in Langkawi for the very first time in my life. Yes. Blame me for not travelling local as much. 
Took the morning flight via Malindo at KLIA1.
Awal lagi dah challenging for my mom with her knee problem to walk to the aeroplane. Should have taken the wheelchair along.
Same thing happened at the Langkawi International Airport, kena jalan also from the runaway point.
Alhamdulillah, made it safely.
Introducing, the Rocky-clan.
First order of business was to go on the cable car rides up the Mount Mat Cincang at Patai Kok. #jelita78punyareview best that when you see the weather is clear, you should make plans to do this first because Malaysian weather is unpredictable like London, nanti hujan petang, spoiled terus.
Apa ada kat atas gunung tu?
Well, lookout view point je.
Ada laa cafe to eat but nothing special pon.
Ada the bridge glass walk whatsoever tapi that one kena bayar lagi extra walaupun tepi situ jer.
This i feel is way too much and inappropriate to charge visitors extra because it should be included in the original rate.

The Langkawi Cable Car located in area made as Oriental Village. Ada laa bende lain selain daripada just the cable car rides. There's several restaurants, cafes and food stalls set up in this area. Which I seriously do not recommend you to come here to eat because they are at super expensive rate. 
Most expensive nasi lemak and iced-tea i have ever paid in my entire life.

There's a two storey building of 3D art museum here. Definitely a place to surfs up if you plan to go for cable car ride, because the entrance is free for all who purchased the cable car ticket ride.
Geram sangat sebab we all tak dapat cover everything here due to time constraint. So please check your timing. Elok lah singgah after turun dari the cable car.
The rate per person was as below
Adults = RM60
Kids = RM35
Veterans = RM30
Which this includes the 3d art museum entree. Depa takde jual tix just for the cable car. Mesti combo dengan bende lain.
#jelita78traveltips please search for cheaper ticket deals at klook for example. Sometimes they might have better deals.

And, make sure your parents showed their identification card if you are buying tickets at the counter booth, for they get the cheapest rate of all.
But then, please note that to get to the viewing deck after the cable car rides will require them to climb stairs and there's no ramp for wheelchairs nor kids stroller either. I am rating this attraction low on the disable facilities for such an international tourist attraction as they said.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Devil wears PRADA!

Sun 01122019 : Finding PRADA
Finally I have discovered the most compact wallet feminine enough, ever made by mankind!
I have always loved compact wallet and this Louis Vuitton compact wallet from trunks & bags collection, has been my go-to travelling wallet.
So when I saw my SIL's Prada Vitello Grain compact trifold wallet last month, I knew I just have to have it.
You will not believe it, until you see it for yourself. It fits coins, notes and even 6 of my cards, and still feels slim!
Dah alang-alang bawak kids to Legoland, I was so lucky to get this at JPO for RM980.
It came in Saffiano leather too but feeling the hard texture of saffiano, please bare in mind that it will not be as slim and compact feels as it is with this stress grain leather.

I actually made a target to get myself next year, the LV victorine wallet, ever since I saw NanaMoz's, because it was slimmer than my LV compact wallet. But this Prada beats me to it.
Although my Prada doesn't have the zippered compartment like victorine LV, the buttoned front flap still able to prevent any coins from getting out.
Check out the similarities between their designs. So much alike! Ohh I just had to make #jelita78punyareview when I went for lunch with Nana the other day. Sabar je lah kan, abaikan the table mat Alexis tu, if you might noticed.
Conclusion, I'd say the Prada vitella compact trifold wallet is like the Mini-Me of the LV victorine wallet. (And cheaper too)
Ohhh aren't they the cutest!

Monday, December 09, 2019

Abanggg Remmmyyyy

Sun 08122019 : Berlari berkejaran
Going bonkers with Remy Ishak at the Ice-Watch Light Up The Day Run last weekend.
Orang lain sibuk nak habihkan larian.
Aku sibuk lari kejar abang remyyy.
Eh. Tiberrrr.
Nampak tak posing ahkak camana, compared to shakey posing ayu je kat bawah nih.. hehehe
Karang ada kena kecam kang.
Anywayyyy.. this is the penutup funrun for me this year.  Tak larat dah la.. hari tu larian sultan nazrin 10km kat kuala kangsar, lupa nak blog it out.
Tetiap tahun, sejak tahun 2016 dah join this icewatch and the hype is that dah laa race kit pon dapat jam sebijik, pastu dapat plak voucher utk beli sebijik jam icewatch yg asal nya RM339, dengan hanya RM99!! Murah weiii.

Ok chup. Event matter, agak a disappointment tahun ni, sebab at the finishing line, takde van milo, takde bagi air masak, apatah lagi air 100 plus, takde bagi buah, takde dah macam tahun tahun sebelum ni siap dapat starbucks frappe lagi. Cuma ada sepeket air Origina dan sepeket roti bun 50sen tu. Dah. Itu je. 
Ok. Let's talk about the watches.
These are the releases this year.
Last year 2018, depa release model lain.
2016 model lain. And 2017 takde icewatch run.
Being my masalah seorang shopaholik nature, benda bargain macam ni, haruslah dihebah hebohkan. Nope, not via instagram lah. I blast je kat watsap group my ex-schoolmates, bammm!
Order masuk berduyun duyun.
So happy to help ma friends get this deal.

Selain dari model adik-beradik merah dia atas tu, these two yg kat bawah nih, the white and teal, which were from last years', were also made available yesterday for RM99 each. (mesti stock tak laku last year lah ni)
Balik jer rumah, terus buat comparison with my previous years collection.
As usual laa kan #jelita78punyareview 
This purple was from the 2016 run. This turquoise from the 2018 run.
This red was from yesterday, 2019 run
My opinion, sama je tahun ni and last year punya.
2016 paling mahal lah.
Because the face was metal unlike others, plastic.
Yeah thats why 2016 also heavier.
Total collection of my icewatch- including the navy that i bought last year during sale. (Dah dpt free pon still nak tambah beli lain jugak kann dasarrrr shopaholik sgt)
Wonder what 2020 will be for us.
For now, lets enjoy these RED & FIRE.


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