Monday, May 16, 2016

Selamat Hari Guru

Mon 16052016 : Teacher's Day

I can't recall my kindy teachers but i seriously remembered my Darjah 1 ciku, cikgu Siti Fauziah. She must have been the softest most kindest teacher in this galaxy. For a standard one teacher, you can imagine the chaos she had to put up with every single day. I managed to asked her (as i grew older and met her later) why she never taught other grades, she said that's because she wanted to be the first to shape the youngsters. Simple answer. And i salute her and every other standard 1 teachers out there. You definitely have handled the worst dramatic era of a human being, and survived to tell it all.

My most fond memories of course is dedicated to my favourite teacher whilst in standard 6 betik,  puan azizah. May Allah cucuri rahmatnya. She passed away last year. Surprisingly then only i found out she is related to @rizalman71 as i saw his iG post. Anyway, Puan Azizah gave all her love to her students, despite the numerous count of us all haggling after her knowledge for the upsr. She always had this calm and loving way of teaching us all. Unlike Puan Fatimah - which i will never be able to forget too, the teacher that tortured us with so many homeworks and garang mcm singa! Having said that, she did caused us all to score the highest in maths. Still, sebut nama dia pon just gives me shivers!

Then in high school, hmm .. thats odd but i don't seem to have any fond memories of the teachers. Maybe because at that time i was busy focusing on collecting memories with my friends. LoL.

After that, during A-level, it is Sir Anuar. Hah yes. This guy made me believe that there was such joy in Mathematics! He taught us Engineering Maths and gosh he was smiling and chuckling while solving the problems as if it was a joke! Gila ke haperrr?

And another one is Sir Faidz, passionate in optic waves thingamajig. He proved to the sceptical side of me that my final year project on infra red pulse monitoring device was possible and achievable and then it really were developed as medical device! Wow. Just plain wow.

Ok so that covers most of my teachers thats still in my memory box.
So, who do u recall today?


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