Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Impressive Eslona

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Wed 13112019 : Eslona by Sometime By Asian Designers
Spent my lunchtime today visiting the Sometime showroom at Oval Damansara building, because my bestie (illa) wanted to stamped her name on her bag. And since my office is just 5mins walk away, I was happy to help out.

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Anyway, I thought this Iconic Essentials Collection would be the same as their Estela design.
Since it's the same colourway - beige and black. and looks the same handle type too.
Maybe just the shape that differs.
Boy, was I wrong.

(Pic from

They make look the same, but the material is not!
Estella was made from 100% cotton. Means that you can throw it into the washing machine as and when you require cleaning.
Eslona is made of coated canvas. The inner lining is like what you see in cath kidston bag whereby if you accidentally get it wet on the outside, your belongings on the inside will not be effected. And vice versa. It's water repellent, bebeh!
This means that you may require manual cleaning method as to not damage the coated canvas material. Tak boleh laa campak je masuk washing machine tu. Tadahal, boleh je brush slowly to remove the dirt. Macam basuh Longchamp LePliage tu.
(Pic from

Absolutely love the Eslona Mini back pocket and internal compartments.
To top it all, super loving the long detachable and adjustable strap.
Picture below shows me in the most extended length of the crossbody strap.
Which I believe long enough should you be taller than me, I am 165cm height by the way.

The Eslona tote however looks a little too large for me.
It may be the same size as the LV Neverfull GM, incase you are wondering.
Price wise, as below:
Eslona large RM99
Eslona mini RM89
Espouch2 RM59 (but if you buy any of the Eslona bag, you'll get to buy it at RM39)

For more information, kindly visit their website.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Where is JELITA78 instagram?

Fri 01112019 : A new beginning.
I have disabled my Instagram account on 1st Nov 2019.
Yes. I did it.
Cold turkey.
I feel that i have lost focus of what matters most in life.

Bila tengok iG story orang, nampak sedari tu buat makan-makan kat umah dia ngn sedara lelain, tapi kenapa tak ajak aku yang rumah dekat ni? Terus i stress.

Bila tengok iG story orang, nampak kawan yg ku sangka rapat dengan aku tu pegi travel ladies trip dengan kawan kitorang yg juga ku sangka rapat dengan aku tu, tapi kenapa diorang lansung tak pelawa aku sama? Am i not a fun person to be with? Terus aku rasa sedih.

Bila tengok iG story orang, nampak orang tu beli tudung baru, padahal orang tu dah memang cantik pon, dia pakai tudung periuk pon lawa. Terus aku lupa bersyukur dengan rezeki Allah pada ku, dan aku nak jugak tudung tu, padahal dah ada lapan belas helai tudung of tona warna yg sama kat dalam lemari aku tu.

Bila tengok iG story orang, nampak orang tu pegi honeymoon lagi, tapi kenapa aku ngn laki aku takde peluang camni? Terus aku nak carik gaduh ngn laki aku.

Bila tengok iG kedai-kedai, nampak depa iklan barang baru, dan sale sana sini ngn discount code bagai, terus gatai tangan nak click-click beli padahal hutang credit card nak sampai RM10k taktau nak bayar camner.

Bila tengok iG, aku pon ralit.
Lansung terlupa nak tanya khabar anak-anak, apatah lagi nak layan perangai anak-anak aku yang potpet potpet nak bercakap dengan aku.

So ko paham tak betapa aku sendiri, jiwa, dan otak, dan perasaan ni jadik rosak dengan iG ni.
Yer. It's all my fault. I loose control. I loose focus.
Hence, that is why I am eliminating the source.

I never have a facebook, nor twitter account.
So, sepatutnya boleh je la idop pon tanpa iG ni, kan?
And a good reason to start blogging again, after a year of silence.
Mari kita cuba.


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