Thursday, August 27, 2009

For the love of COACH

Oppss.. I have become addicted to the purse forum and have been buying COACH handbags ever since my December 2008 purchases.. but no worries, nobody have been starving and I have not been selling my kids in the black market to fund my coach-addiction.. yet.. haha!! Everything is still under control as I have tried my very best to hunt for bargains and although I love all the bags that I have bought, I will sell the unused ones in order to fund up and to make way for the new purchase.. that's how I get my money rolling and to prevent from spending large amount at once.

I have without any shame appointed myself as the Malaysia- Coach - Ambassador, in the purse forum.. the thread is here just incase if you're wondering about it
And I have contributed several posts in the bag-aholics blogspot.. including selling my unused pre-loved and some new with tags bags as well over there..

Which that reminds me maybe I should also posts about it in here, my own blog because I do have one.. haha.. ok.. let that be note to self..


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