Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Wintery Japan Travel Itinerary

Sharing my recent Japan #pwinsesCariSalji trip.
As requested by some in my instagram.
Everything done by my travel expert buddy Nadiah, who got our tickets and planned for our itinerary.

Monday 3rd Feb 2020
Arrived in Tokyo Narita airport - morning.
Went to Tokyo Haneda airport to catch the flight to Odate-Noshiro located in Akita province.
Then, we took the Odate airport shuttle bus to Takanosu train station & then hop onto the local JR train to Hirosaki.
Stayed 2nights at Hotel Toyoko-Inn Hirosaki - will write more about hirosaki, in another post.

Wednesday 5th Feb 2020
Started using our 7-day JR pass to Hakodate.
Via Tohoku-Hokkaido Shinkansen, passing through the world's longest undersea railway tunnel, the Seikan Tunnel, with a 23.3 km (14.5 miles) long portion under the seabed crossing the Tsugaru Strait.
Spent 1night at Smile Hotel Hakodate.

Thursday 6th Feb 2020
Moved from Hakodate to Chitose.
Stayed 3nights at the Wing International Hotel Chitose, and explored Sapporo Winter Festival on Friday 7th Feb, and Asahikawa Winter Festival & Asihayama Zoo on Saturday 8th Feb.

Sunday 9th Feb 2020
Moved back down from Chitose to Hakodate.
Stayed 1night at the Smile Hotel Hakodate to attend closing event on sunday for Hakodate Winter Festival.

Monday 10th Feb 2020
5hrs journey straight from Hakodate to Tokyo.
Stayed 4nights at Smile Hotel Tokyoayaseekimae, and explored the Izu Kawazu Sakura Festival on Tuesday 11th Feb, trip to DisneySea on Wednesday 12th Feb, and explored Kawasaki on Thursday 13th Feb.

Friday 14th Feb 2020
Stayed 1night at the Narita U-City Hotel.
This is due to our early flight back home the next morning, hence we wanted to make sure we arrived on time at the Tokyo Narita airport. This is crucial information because if you stayed in the Tokyo town, you need to be aware that the trains operates earliest at 6am and it took an hour to reach Narita Airport from Tokyo station via train, and an hour an a half, via bus.  Thus we stayed here in Narita, about 10mins via train - only 1stop away.

Saturday 15th Feb 2020
Depart to KUL Malaysia on 9.30am flight, arrived KLIA2 4.30pm Malaysian time.

May this helps those interested to explore the winter in Japan.
Let me just remind you that this was tiresome for us to keep repacking our luggage, and moving out of the hotel every 2days, and dragging ourselves up and down the trains and buses.  But this was our plan and we made the decision to do as such in order for us to utilize the most of our trip.

Some things to highlight to all:
  • If you are traveling during winter, do ready yourself for flight turbulence for it happened to us as we were arriving at Narita Airport.  And while we were at the airport, we noticed that the flights to Sapporo were forced to turned back to Tokyo airports due to massive snow storm in Sapporo causing them not able to land. We were lucky that our flight to Odate were as scheduled, although it was not a smooth flight. #jelita78traveltips make sure you bought a flight ticket that covers you in situations of flight delays.
  • I bought my JR pass via Klook and it was so worth it especially when the offer included a free 8day-data simcard. Take note that when you are filling the online form, your information during sign-upmust clearly state your correct delivery address because the JR voucher will then be posted to your mailing address. Yes, FREE postage! Be reminded that when purchasing online must click to input more details and put name as same as spelling and read exactly as your passport. you will get the JR voucher form, posted to your home address by the express courier. DO NOT loose this JR voucher! You need to bring this to Japan and exchange it for the real JR pass to be used later, at the JR ticket office located on the ground floor of the main building Narita airport ( if u landed at Narita that is) date selection on the website doesn't reflect the date of the JR pass. You will have to confirm the exact date of when you want to start using the JR pass at the JR ticket counter when u exchange it to the real JR pass to use later.  Free simcard offered in this package can be picked up at Narita Airport, 2nd Floor arrival terminal klook/easyGo counter.

  • I bought another extra simcard access (because our adventure total up to almost 2 weeks) via tuneTalk, picked up at KLIA2 terminal airport and i have no doubt that the tuneTalk data simcard works well and mine was still able to be used on the 9th day, even though it was said to be active only for 7days.

  • I bought my Tokyo Metro passcard train for 1day and 3days passes, via Travel Recommends. Cheapest deal ever encountered, it was a buy 1 free 1 offer. Used the 1day pass on 3rd Feb and used the 3day pass starting 11th Feb. Also picked up at Narita Airport, 2nd floor klook/ easygo counter next to Drug Shop.
  • I bought my DisneySea tickets via traveloka. The cheapest deal I have seen online. Make sure when purchasing you have to enter the date to enter the park. It is not an open ticket. Picked up at the Maihama Station, the only train station to Disneyland Tokyo Resort. Super easy.


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