Monday, May 31, 2010

Battle of the Century

The Date :  28th May 2010
The Venue : Mega Lanes, Sunway Pyramid
The Event : Battle of the Century!
.. and Santa Claus gifts exchange..
Seriously, I haven't bowled for almost 6 years!
It's like learning to walk!
..and NO, this is not the way to play it.. 
Even Amin easily getting the hang of it!
I would like to thank my sister in law..
.. for the Wii bowling game that she bought..
Practice makes perfect, we got THIRD place! Yeay!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh soo cute..

.. and sweet..
.. and generously yummy too !
Nothing beats home-made cupcakes!
Nope, not by me, but a dear friend baked a whole lot for treats!

Sorry, I think I'm reaching the lazy stage @ "malas nak update blog mode".. but these cupcakes look so cute, hence I thought of just posting about it.
Hmm.. maybe I should ask for the recipe and post it in here too, huh?
Nahhh... baking (+cooking) is just not in my genes.. bwahahha

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lolli ? Lolli ? Lolli ? POP !

Have you ever had those days when you actually felt lazy and lost?Hmm.. that sounds like me most of the mornings..
but.. anywayyyyy, I just want to share with you this particular song that pulls me to its rhythm and just makes me feel happy!

Oh, and believe me, the music video is simply FUN-tastic ! (and colour-blast too!)

This is a Korean Song, made as an advertisement to promote the mobile phone model Lollipop by LG Cyon. Yes, believe it!
Mobile phone! haha
Thanks to the two Korean bands who made this fabulous work, 2NE1 (girl group) and Big Bang (boy band).
Click this link for the full lyrics and translations, but just for the fun of it, here's my favourite chorus part that I love to sing along with!

Lolli lolli lollipop dalgomhage dagawa
Lolli lolli lollipop naege soksakyeojwo
Lolli lolli lollipop sanggeumhage dagawa
Lolli lolli lollipop jigeum wonhajanha

Lolli lolli lollipop Girl neon naui lollipop
Lolli lolli lollipop oh lolli pop pop

(lyrics googled from the net, clip from youtube)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Black Beauty

Nothing beats the sleek stylish Coach Large Leather Black Carly, style # 10616.
Yes, this is my bag of the day.
Stunningly paired up with the Coach Poppy Pom Pom Key Charm, style # 92550, and the Coach Teal Signature Oblong Scarf, style # 98360.
Perfect for any occasion, day and night.

Monday, May 24, 2010

What is SEXY ?

I heard this from a guy today and I just have to blog it !

Sexy is a talent, not learned.

So, what do you think? Acceptable?

(pic googled from the net)

Do you FroYo ?

What on earth is it anyway?
Is it wearing the Alfro hair while playing Yo-Yo?
Or it is a term describing a dizzy frog?
Seriously, I'm really behind when it comes to these funky terminology!
Only recent that I found out it means Frozen Yoghurt.
 So, yeah, we've been here before and this second time around, we decided to eat in.
Coincidentally, there's not many people around and hence it's not that embarrassing for me to handle both kids that ended up with sticky faces, hands and clothes! 
As we're about to leave the place was when I realised this FroYo word.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Red Cliff

  Hubby is staying up late tonight, watching this Chinese epic film.
I have no interest to watch it but since I am on the living room couch browsing my purseforum on my laptop, I can't deny the force it creates towards me. (all are in present tense coz I'm typing this while watching the movie!)
I can't stop from googling it on the spot to know more what's it all about because I have missed the 1st part of the movie and now, the 2nd part is at its climax!
This movie is based on the Battle of Red Cliffs (208-209 AD), nearing the end of the Han Dynasty.
Directed by John Woo, and stars Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhang Fengyi, Chang Chen, Hu Jun, Lin Chi-ling and Zhao Wei.
Red Cliff was released in two parts, July 2008 and sequel in January 2009.
With an estimated budget of US$80 million, this is the most expensive Asian-financed film to date!
The first part of the film grossed US$124 million in Asia and broke the box office record previously held by Titanic (1997 film) in mainland China.
It's all about the ingenious tactic in war. Art. Minds. Emotion. Creativity. Sacrifice.
Oh pure excellence!
Definitely a FIVE star from me!

(all pics googled from the net, and movie info taken from wikipedia)

They're here!! Get your sunnies ready!!

The bling-bling is more stunning than I have ever seen !!
From the 30 pieces that were brought in, only these are left for me to bring to work on Monday.
So, get ready, coz first come first serve basis.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Now I know why my colleagues have stop complaining whenever we have to go for meetings at Cyberjaya area.
It's because of Saba'.
An Arab Restaurant serving Arab food, and drinks! (try the yoghurt drink!!)
And the best the rice.

The chicken was marinated and cooked to perfection.
And it may just look like any other Briyani rice, but you are dead wrong!
I've never tasted anything like this before.
This plate portion is a LOT for me, but believe it when I say I was able to finish them all!!
It's because of the rice, which is very light.  I'm not sure how to describe it to you, it is very flavoursome indeed but yet it didn't actually give you the feeling of muak, like you've had enough already.
Well, after the dish, of course I felt like I can hardly walk!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grandma the Tooth Fairy

(pic googled from the net)
Amin was complaining his front tooth hurts while brushing teeth tonight.
Oh my my my.. the tooth was already loose!
My mom / Amin's Nekya (grandma) was there, and she, has always being the nurse in the house, took on the challenge, using only the dental floss, and tissue gauge.
I was there biting my fingernails in panic state.
But it happened so quickly!
We didn't even have the chance to take a shot at it!
Amin was indeed the bravest!
Not even a squeaked.
Hooray to 1st loose tooth!
Mommy sooo proud of you, my dear!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silent Night

Time : 8.30 pm
Venue : Living Room @ Home
Out of the ordinary reason : Quiet! Too quiet!
I can only hear the sound of news on tv and Sesame Street on laptop.
No sound of Arif, nor Amin.
I went to look and there's Amin playing the PSP.
And here's Arif..
Oh there you are!
But why didn't you answer when mommy called you?
Ahhh.. so that's why..
Yeay!! Now mommy can sleep early tonight!

Yippee!! I got my bling bling!

I have always been an "M" (brand) person when it comes to tudung (scarf).
I've never bought any "A" (the largest competitor to M-brand)..
..or "Z" (a new comer but selling fast)..
..nor any other brands of tudung..
..not even the non-brand ones..
But this makes the exception!
Not just on top, but bling-bling at the front..
 ..and check out the back too!! Wuhuuuu!!
Guess how much each of them cost?
it's only HALF OF THAT!!
So, I went bonkers..
..and bought them all !
Bwahahhahahaa !!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 2nd LVoer

It's not that long after I received my 1st Louis Vuitton, the Watercolour Aquarelle Speedy 35 in White, that I realised I have been hypnotised by the LV spell!
Note to self (and to everybody else), there's no such thing as one and only LV.
You will be so enchanted by it.
It's addictive!
You will crave for more!
You will get the itching feeling to hunt for more and more and more!
So, what can a damsel in distress like myself do, to satisfy my desire?
I loose control as soon as I spot this beauty, she's the opposite colour of my 1st LV.
Which was of course, again, the blame (partly) if I may add, also goes to ladyverde..*wink*

Anyway, presenting, my 2nd Louis Vuitton, Mirage Noir Speedy 30, dress-up with the Coach Red Patent Leather Apple charm.
This speedy features is very similar to any other Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, but in case you're wondering, here's what it is all about;
  • Speedy 30 means that the length size is 30cm.  Size 11.8" (L) x 8.3" (H) x 6.7" (W) 
  • LV coated canvas material in Noir Mirage Monogram prints, with gradual black tone effect.
  • Double rounded handles and trimmings in Noir (black) patent leather.
  • Zip top closure with matching leather zipper pull. 
  • Single interior slip pocket
  • Leather leaf tab on both sides with one side for LV padlock attachment. 
  • It comes complete with an LV lock with 2 keys, and the LV dustbag. 
  • Black alcantra lining (suede)
If you can see from the picture, the monogram pattern gradually fades the closer it gets to the top part of the bag.  Yes, this is real, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  This process in photography is known as degrade, but just for the record, I've done nothing while taking this picture!
This Louis Vuitton Fall 2007 Limited Edition Release, Speedy Monogram canvas was designed by Marc Jacobs, and echoed the work of the Dutch Painter, Johannes Vermeer in providing the degrading effect.

The black alcantra interior lining also creates an interesting result.  It makes the bag much thicker than other speedies, thus gives more sturdy structure to it. You don't need a base shaper for this speedy because it can hold its shape well enough.  The drawback for it being thick is that unlike other speedies, you are advised not to fold it when keeping because the thick canvas might leave permanent fold-marks.
Any LV speedy can be folded flat when not in use (and is very safe to do so, rest assured!), but due to Mirage thick canvas, although it is possible, it's not advisable.
So there you have it..
I'll be back soon with my *gulp* 3rd LV damages.. bwahahhaa..

Was annoyed at "I Got You"

I was sooo annoyed at this song!

Sorry, no offence to Leona Lewis but I've been listening to this song for months and I couldn't get what the heck she's singing at the chorus part!!
I only listen to songs on the radio, in the car and I love to sing along to the songs that I like.
And yeah, I do like this song a lot, and I can clearly catch the lyrics from the beginning except for the chorus part!
It's just soo annoying!
I mean, I hate the fact that I can't understand what she's saying at that chorus!
There's even one time when I purposely blast out loud the radio just to catch the words, but to no avail of course because the music at that chorus part was also the loudest too!

So, I had to succumbed to googling for the lyrics!
I googled it, right there at that very moment, in the car, squinting my eyes on the iphone, while the song still playing on the radio!
Yes, I googled, for the sake of my sanity.

And I took an oath at that very moment that I am going to blog about this.
So, here's the chorus part that was super-duper difficult for my ears to grab! (and kudos to all of you out there who actually managed to get the words without having to read the lyrics)
Sorry hubby, now I can sing along to this song from beginning till the end!
Here's some cotton for you to stuff your ears.

LEONA LEWIS - I got you
Go ahead and say goodbye
I'll be alright
Go ahead and make me cry
I'll be alright

(lyrics googled from the net, clip from youtube)

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Belanga" means Cooking Pots in English

But for us, it means "ohhhh delicious Laksam!!"
Yes! All three of us have similar taste buds! 
The Laksam here is no doubt, the best, e.v.e.r !
Laksam kinda look like thick looking mee and is prepared using rice and wheat.  It is served with puree sauce made of fresh fish meat that has been mix with coconut milk. This dish is very popular in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, especially in Terengganu, to be exact.
Proof of Deliciousness! Bwahahahha
And if you are a coffee lover, this Nusantara Ice Blended will not disappoint you.


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