Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One more!

The Date : 29th March 2010
The Venue : Pannaz, Damansara Perdana
The Event : Birthday Celebration
The Star : Moi!
Soooo cute..
Thanks sayang, for the double celebration..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big Boy

The Date :  28th March 2010
The Venue : Summer Palace, IOI Resort Puchong
The Food : All you can eat Dim Sum, RM48 per pax
The Event : Birthday Celebration
The VVIP : Arif !
The Present : Megablock Truck
Happy Birthday Arif ! You're now TWO!
Sometimes I wish I could freeze the time because I don't want my boys to grow up so quickly.. I'm gonna miss my baby being a baby!
Maybe it's time for the third, huh? hehe..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lets go driving..

.. in this..
Arif and his cousin, Fatihah, cruising the 1Utama.
One buggy is enough.. We don't need two..
Yup, they both can fit in it, alright!
In case you are wondering, this ride cost only RM1 for 3 hours, thanks to the One-card, membership at 1Utama shopping complex.. 
Another reason why we don't need a stroller any more.. sigh.. those were the days..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feels like in Bali

...with waterfront concept..
..and double tiers umbrellas..
..this ambiance created to perfectly suit its name..
Balifeel, is an Indonesian concept restaurant, located at Bangsar South Complex.
 This is my favourite lunch spot.
I am sooo head over heels for the Lemongrass delight, RM5.50..
This is a mixture of carbonated water, lime and lemongrass.

..and will eat this and only this - Mee Jawa, RM8.90, sort of like noodles in thick spicy curry flavoured soup, with boiled eggs, squid, prawns, potatoes, tofu, and fishcakes as the ingredients.
..and sometimes, if I still have a little bit of space left inside my stomach, I will side ordered this, Rojak Buah (mix fruits/ vegetables with crunched nuts and thick sweet and spicy paste), RM 5..
Ooohhhhh.... Absolutely delicious...
Burp! alhamdulillah...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stunning Steel

..not stainless steel, but STUNNING STEEL...
Ever since I bought the Coach Madison Large Steel Leather Sabrina, style # 12949, I have been seriously in love with the Madison Steel collections.

I love the fact that it's pebbled leather, with the shiny golden bronzie shade and the pop-up striking dark-pink lining! Wuhuuuu!! I love the lining the most actually!
I almost bought the Coach Madison Steel Leather Julianne, style # 12974, but after giving much thought on the illogical of having two large bags of almost the same style, I managed to sadly suppressed myself..

And until I found these babies!!
I'm in absolutely steel-content! Wehuuu!!
Presenting my new steel family members, Coach Madison Steel Leather Checkbook Wallet, style # 41986..
.. and Coach Madison Steel Leather Hobo, style # 12944
I'm a sucker for its hot-pink lining!!
This hobo is not that big, nor is it small either.
It can fit the checkbook wallet, my iphone in coach heritage stripe wristlet, my compact powder, lipstick, a pack of tissue and my car/ house keys in coach soho wristlet!
So, it is actually very spacious indeed.
In case you are wondering, here are some features of this hobo:
  • Zip-top closure with leather zipper pull.
  • Pleated front and back.
  • Exterior zipper back pocket
  • Lightweight Italian leather with subtle texture and polished finish.
  • Coach Horse and Carriage embossed print on the front.
  • Three Coach hang-tags.
  • Interior zip pocket
  • One interior cellphone/ multifunction pocket
  • D-ring to clip and accessory or keyfob
  • Size 13" (L) x 5" (H) x 2" (W)
  • Single shoulder strap attached with brass oversized dogleash snap, which enables you to clip on any extra strap if you wish for crossbody sling, or you can loop the existing strap onto your belt hook to transform it to a pouch style.
After a few weeks of using this hobo for dinner outings, I reached the conclusion that I actually can travel light.  It is surprisingly possible for me to not-carry-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink when out and about in short period of time, and I sooo need to get this in other colours too! Bwahahaha!!

Joined by my ever so gorgeous Coach Legacy Stripe Agenda Cover!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A lesser guilt..

It's a bright sunny day.
Hot, to be exact.
We need ice cream!
Which then my smart a$$ sister suggested this!
For a less guilty feeling!
There's no fix price here.. 
All is self service..
You take the paper bowl and go to the yoghurt dispenser machine and just pull the lever to which ever flavour you desire and in any amount you want and then head on to the toppings counter and splash whatever stuffs you want to pile up.. and then weigh it at the counter for the cashier to calculate the price according to the weight..
Just don't get shocked later to see that basically in this large bowl size, it should be around RM14 to RM20 !

We bought the mango and strawberry flavour, top with fruits and chocolate chip and gummy bears..
 And another one is plain and chocolate flavour yoghurt, top with banana slice, cornflakes, and again chocolate chips and gummy bears too.. Just for tips, cornflakes is practically weightless, so, you can put as much as you can! hehe.. yup, we're counting the weight here for the total yoghurt price, remember?
Amin loves this so much, he had his gloves on ready.. yeah, my sister called him MJ the whole day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ohhhh my poor sweetheart..

So, ok, not mine, it's my mom's to be exact..
And she almost cried due to his recent lost vs Baghdatis in the 3rd round of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells..
It's ok Roger Federer!
You can fight back in Miami's match next week!!
We'll always be your biggest fan!!
Hip hip hoorayyy!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I love pink!
Well, who doesn't, right?
It took me quite some time to finally found the perfect pink bag!
Actually, this has long been available in the market, but it's me who hesitated in getting it because it comes only in small size.
If you had known me, all my Coach Madison Sabrina are in large size.
But I had to make the special exemption for this.
It's just too lovely to pass out.
Finally, I have succumbed to its temptation..
The bag of the day was Coach Madison Medium Leather Pink Sabrina with brass hardware, style # 12937.. featured here with the Coach Heritage Stripe Pink Khaki Wristlet, style # 43556..

In case you're wondering, here are some features of the bag
  • Zip-top closure with leather zipper pull.
  • Offers both satchel and shoulder bag functions with convertible strap.
  • 22" extra detachable strap can neatly slides to the bottom of the bag when carried as satchel via the two 11" length with 4" drop leather rolled handles.
  • Lightweight Italian leather with subtle texture and polished finish.
  • Brass Horse and Carriage logo on the front.
  • Three Coach hang-tags.
  • 4-bottom feet studs for protection from scuffing.
  • Interior zip pocket
  • One interior cellphone/ multifunction pocket
  • D-ring to clip and accessory or keyfob
  • Size 12" (L) x 5" (H) x 4" (W)
After taking it out several times, I've concluded that it's not that small after all.. and most important is that I don't look like a giant carrying a doll purse..
But I did struggle a bit to fit my stuffs into it.. had to leave behind the small water bottle and folded umbrella..
phewww.. thank god it didn't rain today! 

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010


    That's the common greeting, which means "Welcome" said by the workers in the store as you step your foot in..
    Our usual sushi spot is Sushi King but this time, we decided to check this Sakae Sushi at KLCC.
    After several plates..
    ..with Amin ended up eating 8 salmon sushi all by himself..
    ..and Arif, as usual, knocked out..
    ..I think this may be our first and last visit here.. 
    Honestly, the staffs here were slow, and we waited for 30 minutes for our sushi salad to arrive.. and there's no sweet soy sauce available, which you had to ask for it and then took another few minutes to arrive.. So, hmm.. me not happy here.. case close! 

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Wow.. you "geeks" are good..

    .. especially this one, to be exact..
    I am currently following closely the latest CHUCK series, and could spent hours watching the reruns of last seasons..
    .. as I can't get enough of his cheesy smile!! 
    ohhhh soooo adorably cute!!
    * Zachary Levi *

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    How did my LV flame ignited?

    It started off with this thread on tpf coach subforum about which Coach bag in your collection considered to be most rare.. It was supposed to be a Coach thread, nothing related to LV, until yenanh00 listed her rare collections including the LV Watercolour Aquarelle White Speedy 35!

    I was instantly smitten by it!
    It was like love at first sight!
    My first question was, when the hell did LV made such prints in those colours?
    I thought LV only make monogram brown speedy!

    So from that 21st July 2009, I started lurking in the LV sub forum and googling about LV collections, until I found out that LV do make limited edition speedies almost every season/ year and this Watercolour Aquarelle was from the Richard Prince collaboration Spring/ Summer 2008. (Just for knowledge sharing, Watercolour Aquarelle prints was released in two colours, white and dark brown)

    And that was the beginning of my burning desire for LV.
    Thanks to euphoria junction, I managed to get it by December 2009.

    Presenting my very 1st Louis Vuitton, Watercolour Aquarelle Speedy 35, dress-up with the Coach Poppy Scribble Flower charm.

    Here are the features of the bag, just for your knowledge;
    • Speedy 35 means that the length size is 35cm.  Size 13.8" (L) x 9" (H) x 7.1" (W) 
    • LV coated canvas material in Multicolour Monogram Watercolour prints, with double rounded handles and trimmings in natural cowhide leather, best known as vachetta.
    • Zip top closure with matching leather zipper pull. 
    • Single interior slip pocket
    • D-ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
    • Leather leaf tab on both sides with one side for LV padlock attachment. 
    • It comes complete with an LV lock with 2 keys, and the LV dustbag.

    Since the damaged has been done, better just go with the flow and embrace in it.. stay tuned for more LV posts to come! bwahahhaha (that's me trying to do the evil laugh!)

    p/s: As a note, LV speedy is meant for handheld, and elbow carry only.  The handle has very small drop length and you must have a stick thin arm to enable it for shoulder carry - it is possible though, believe me, check out picture of Heidi's friend below..

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Not So Brave!

    The only one thing that separates me from my family, is food!
    My dad, mom, sister, grandma, uncles, aunts, and the rest of the clan are all loving spicy food!
    The hotter, the better!
    But me, I'm the one that dip for ketchup when others eating the the small-green-chilli @ cili padi!
    So each time if we decided to eat Nandos, I will definitely get the Lemon & Herbs.
    and Arif loves picking up the vege in the rice..

    Monday, March 08, 2010

    Damn those 'kek lapis'

    You are right irene-alia..
    This particular kek lapis has officially made its way into my head and refused to get out!
     This silver looks yummy..
    ..but I bet the peach is more delicious..
    ..and I'd kill if it serves in khaki green!!
    So, I guess, it must be a destiny for me not to get it because it (speedy) doesn't come in khaki, huh?
    Nope, me not hungry for neo :(


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